Do you frequent the convention scene?

When you first start out in the digital marketing space conventions can truly become your best friend. They are a great way to network, find out what others are doing and they help you to keep abreast of the latest trends and forecasts. This is especially important for Australian’s because digital marketing is always changing and evolving and often countries like the US and Europe are leaders in these fields.

Conventions also give you the opportunity to create new fresh ideas and receive inspiration from your fellow peers from around the world however, there is also a darker side to conventions that no one really talks about.

A lot of them try to pitch or sell you things, a lot of them have motives and many ego’s seem to also float around the room. They also have limited networking opportunities and never seem to actually offer any new information. While these are not necessarily bad things, there is a relatively new convention on the scene which is  aiming to do things a little differently.

UnGagged is a digital marketing and SEO “un-convention” for people who are sick of the traditional conference style setting. In fact, UnGagged describe their events as a “gathering of people” with no BS, pitching or selling.

In fact, the creators of UnGagged aimed to address these top 5 challenges in the convention space:

  • Large events where the focus is card swapping rather than making genuine connections and a return on your investment
  • Conferences that do not allow everyone to access speaker and keynote sessions or charge ridiculous amounts to access certain “exclusive” events
  • The speakers are churning out the same content year after year or are more interested in pitching a product or service
  • Speakers are limited to what they can and cannot say due to particular sponsors, partners or convention restrictions
  • No food or drinks which can inhibit the ability to network and draw people away from the conference floor

Instead, UnGagged promises visitors that they will be surrounded by the “most forward thinking and most courageous SEO’s and digital marketers on the planet” in order to receive valuable information and contacts.

UnGagged aims to deliver:

  • A speaker led event where speakers have complete freedom of speech to say what they truly think
  • Cutting edge information around SEO and digital marketing that actually works and is tested
  • Information that is not influenced by sponsors or outside influences and cannot be recorded
  • Actionable information that allows attendees to make a return on their investment and increase earnings
  • A community feel event that offers food, drinks and potential to really network with like-minded individuals

“At Ungagged, geniuses who know how to help you profit, will speak without fear of being told to Stop, by corporates who think they are in charge. You’ll hear stuff you won’t hear anywhere else, ever again.”- Ungagged.com

Essentially, UnGagged hopes that attendees will be able to receive insights and techniques that will help grow their businesses, broaden their knowledge and increase their earning potential.

Although UnGagged is relatively new, they had over 200 attendees at their London event earlier this year and around 250 attendees at their Las Vegas event back in 2014. To keep the “unconvention” intimate, UnGagged only allow around 250 people to attend the event.

The next event is from the 9th to the 11th of November, 2015 in Las Vegas and runs for three days. Tickets start from around $645 all the way up to, $1,545 depending on the perks you want or whether or not you want accommodation included.

There are over thirty speakers for the upcoming event, some of which include Duane Forrester (Bing), Jordan Koene (Search Metrics), Matt Beswick (Aira), Murray Newlands (InfluencePeople), Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney) Francisco Leon (Shopify) and Rae Hoffman (PushFire). You can find more information about the speakers here.

These speakers are going to share with your their ‘ungagged’ approach to digital marketing and SEO success and how they turned their companies into money making machines. They are also going to share new tactics and the latest in SEO research and development.

“For a first time conference taking place in Las Vegas I was able to network and close deals with people from as far away as Australia, Lithuania and Sweden. This wasn’t a script kiddie conference, this was a conference for successful marketers looking to level up,” stated Joe Sinkwitz (Cygnus SEO).

For Australian’s, events like this truly provide digital marketers with the opportunity to establish a community and help to represent a strong industry.

Of course, there are many conventions that happen all over the world, so don’t feel that you need to limit yourself to just one. Do your research and see which ones resonate with you and your mission.

For more information about UnGagged and to purchase tickets, click here.