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We’re trying to make growing businesses a whole lot easier, quicker, less stressful and more fun – for the millions of folks who run them every day. And we aren’t just in a league of our own, we are the league — and we want you in it.

Updated: 28th of September, 2023

Hi. I’m Sabri Suby. If we’re getting formal, I’m the founder of King Kong.

This is my tribe. My people. My work la familia.

And I don’t know who the hell sent you.

But they should be given an award.

Or a box of those soft-in-the-middle Subway cookies.

Or a foot rub.


Your arrival is long overdue.

And now that you’re here.

Let’s not beat around the bush.

You’re on this website, reading these pretty little words because you’re hungry to grow your business.

Not hear my life story.

If you are interested in that (and I’m flattered, really), then go here.

But here’s the short version…

I started King Kong from a rented bedroom in 2014.

With no more than $50 and an old computer my girlfriend (now wife) bought me.

I hustled and cold-called strangers to get my first few clients.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve got clients all over the planet and $7.8 billion in reported client revenue.

Now, if that doesn’t get you hot under the collar…

The Australian Financial Review has also ranked us as the fastest-growing digital agency in the country…

Several years in a row now.

And now, we’re on a crusade to take over the world.

But not in an evil way.

Alright, enough about us.

I wanna know about you.


Our Offering

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Managed and ‘done-for-you’ digital marketing services for mid-to-large companies looking to accelerate ‘hyper-growth’. And yes, we guarantee results and smell fantastic *wink*.

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Business growth training programs for companies serious about scaling their coaching, consulting or service business to seven and eight figures FAST (in months, not years).

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Sorry, We Lied.

This isn’t really an about us page.

Because spending our time filling this page up with humble-brags would be stupidly-selfish.

So instead, I wanna make this page about YOU…

Listen, growing a business is hard.

I would liken it to, eating a mouthful of fire ants… while riding a motorbike blindfolded through the snow at 100km per hour, naked.

And that’s especially true when you approach it like most entrepreneurs do.

Through trial and error.

By ‘hoping and praying’.

By stumbling, and trying to figure it all out by themselves – for the very first time.

I call this “guesswork”.

Also known as hell.

It’s hot and muggy there.

And smells like cheese and feet.

And I’d rather rub scorpion chillies in my eyes than operate my business that way.

But like I said, this seriously isn’t about me.

Which ultimately, leads me to you…

You’re reading this right now because, in some way shape or form, your business isn’t where you want it to be.

Even though you have to put in a backbreaking amount of effort… and dealt with a shit load of stress.

Pushing, shoving, scratching, clawing and hustling your face off to get ahead.

Or maybe you’re already flying…and you simply want more.

More security.

More money.

More freedom.

More certainty.

More memories.

More time with your family.

More legroom.

More business class flights with your spouse to places that result in more sand between your toes.

Whatever it is for you…

Let me put this question to you…

Skepticism Aside
What If There's A Better Way...

What if you could remove the guesswork…

And end this nightmare.

What if you had a proven roadmap to get exactly where you wanna go?

Well, that’s the exact reason I created King Kong.

To solve this problem.

To murder it with a chainsaw.

You see, everything we do at King Kong is designed with a ruthless focus on results.

We’re not interested in “kumbaya” inspiration.

We’re not interested in sitting around, drinking herbal tea and circle-jerking over how many impressions or views we got.

We want you to succeed.

So you can take care of your loved ones.

So we can look good and get more clients.

So we can take care of our loved ones.

It’s a virtuous cycle. A positive network effect. A flywheel.

And It’s our way of making a difference in this bat shit crazy world.

That means that every single strategy and tactic we deploy works.

Because we’ve tested it (and tested it again) in our own business.

And on hundreds of our client’s businesses, too.

Anyways, if that isn’t enough to ‘move’ you.

Nothing will know this…

If you keep doing what you are doing, you are going to keep getting what you are getting.

Period. End of story.


Don’t Spend Your Weekends Worrying About Work Anymore...

Because life’s too short.

Look, you’re young (maybe you’re old) and a little birdie told me…

You’ve spent countless hours online scouring the darkest corners of the internet…

Reading the works of dozens of so-called “gurus”.

Downloading the latest ebooks, reading blogs, watching webinars, YouTube videos, doing courses…

Learning about…

SEO, meta-tags, keywords, Google analytics, Facebook ads, pixels, backlinks, opt-in pages, double opt-in lists, email sequences, remarketing and copywriting…

Tools to do this, tools to do that, files for this, pixels for that…

And then…

“Oh my gosh! I discovered another marketing guy who says…”

And on, and on, and on!


After all of this “education”, the hours and hours of effort, self-sacrifice, money invested, dedication, and tenacity….

Not to mention the never-ending employee issues and the everyday challenges of life.

This causes your head to be so full of so much mush…

That you feel like your only options are to give up, throw up, cry…or…

Chuck your MacBook out the window and scream!…

But, my question for you is this…

The Difference Between Hyper Growth And Slow Growth Companies Is...

The skill sets they have to make it happen.

And the number one skill that fast-growth companies possess is…

The ability to consistently and predictably get new customers…

From Monday to Sunday. January to December. 24/7, 365.

In other words, they have a “selling system” that gets ‘em customer’s like clockwork.

Because customer acquisition is the engine that propels a company forward.

It’s the grease on the wheels.

And It’s also the antidote…

To not having to worry.

To not have your hair go fifty shades of grey, from all the stress about where the money will come from.

And It’s what took me from being a one-man army, cold-calling strangers from a rented bedroom…

To building the #17 fastest growing company in the country (across all industries) as ranked by The Australian Financial Review.

That’s what having a “selling system” can do for you.

It’s your ticket to freedom…

Your ticket to not having to worry about where your next customer will come from.

Your ticket to sleeping like a Siberian brown bear at night.

Your ticket to a better life.

And here’s the good bit…

We’ve developed a unique platform that gives you access to this ‘selling system’…

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard about before.

And we’ve now used it in over 1067 different industries and niches…

To generate over $7.8 billion in sales (that’s billion with a B) for our clients.

Yep, we’ve cooked up the secret sauce for growing companies at breakneck speed (the one the gurus don’t talk about).

And it all starts with our “platform”.

The Most Ruthlessly Effective Platform For Rapidly Scaling Businesses On Planet Earth

Our mission is to help you turn your unreliable, time-hungry vampire of a business into a semi-automated million dollar client getting machine. And we aren’t just in a league of our own, we are the league — and we want you in it.

Meet The Herd

A Gusto Group of Seasoned Digital Marketers

Matt Cernik Head of SEO
Jess "The General" Delahunty General Manager
Cara Gammon Head of Web Development
Siobhan King People & Culture Manager
Kostan Ioannou Digital Strategist
Scout Turner Digital Growth Strategist
Rebecca Mackenzie Web Business Analyst
Riya Wadhawan Junior Paid Search Specialist
Valerie Li Web Project Manager
Ry Elphinstone Digital Growth Strategist
Ena Shrestha Junior Web Project Manager
Jordan McCorkell Digital Growth Strategist
Dario Suwendy Junior SEO Specialist
Neha Tahiliani Digital Growth Strategist
Stanly Liu Senior Paid Social Specialist
Shayan Munir Junior SEO Specialist
Sebastien D'Argent Head of Paid Social
Saad Izaz Digital Strategist
Samson Wu Junior Paid Social Specialist
Louis Attaguile Paid Social Specialist
Liana Slussareff Professional Fixer
James Hampel Conversion & Sales Funnel Specialist
George Lee Digital Growth Strategist
Filimone Lea'Aetoa Junior Web Developer
Arslan Faisal Web Project Manager
Amanda James Head of Account Management
Sneha Mukherjee Tech Savvy Assistant
Sonya The Senior New Client Success Manager
Victoria Marsh Head of Digital Projects
Skye Milne Paid Search Specialist
Ben Hodgson Web Developer
Dave Ross Head of Digital Strategy
Brock Schadler Senior Digital Strategist
Brian Sebastian Deputy Head of Digital Strategy
Jean-Paul McAllan Facebook Ads Specialist
Nikita Shah Web Developer
Isaac Crawley Tribal Counsel
Blake Silver Senior Digital Strategist
Julien Steckmann Senior Digital Growth Strategist
Curtis Stewart Head of Paid Search
Sabri Suby Founder & Head of Growth
Luke Crawford Web Developer
George Vlahogiannis Digital Strategist
Ben Murdoch Data Analyst
Reshan Jayamanne Conversion & Sales Funnel Specialist
Marina Cheveleva SEO Specialist
Shalini Suby CTO
Zeeshan Ahmed Web Designer
Daniela Espitia Email Marketing & Automation Specialist
Monique O'Rafferty Community Manager
Here's Some Gossip... Except It's Real

“The agency’s results-driven approach is very different to the one used by most marketing agencies. It is a scientific, numbers-driven way of winning business, which is giving King Kong an edge that other agencies may find difficult to compete with in the future.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

Woo Woo, Ra Ra And Hoopla Aside…

We’re just trying to make growing businesses a whole lot easier…

Quicker, less stressful and more fun – for the millions of folks who run them every day.

This is a movement that begins and ends with a community of renegades, demanding a better way.

One that extends its middle finger to traditional ad agencies…

And the conventional ways of growing a business, that are letting business owners down.

There are a lot of so-called “agencies” and “gurus” roaming around the wild wild west that is the web, today.

Most of these people are all bark, no bite. All waffle, no syrup.

‘Cause marketers lie, but numbers don’t.

And we’ve got $7.8 billion (with a B) in reported client revenue, in 1067 different industries and niches.

We’re stone cold killers.

And we go by all kinds of names…

Virtual vigilantes, mediocrity murderers, status quo slaughterers, freedom fighters.

But whatever you call us…

It is our hope to shrink the amount of time it takes, for you to go from first-time solo business operator…

To fire-breathing, market-terrorising entrepreneur…

But we really don’t wanna keep talking about ourselves.

In fact, we’d really like to be talking about you.

But, we can’t do that until you hit one of the many buttons you see on this page.

So, I’m gonna attempt to “impress” you just one last time.

We Literally Wrote The Book On…

How To Get As Many Clients, Customers And Sales As You Can Possibly Handle

Sell Like Crazy shot up from being ranked 90,000 on the day of release, to a #1 international Amazon bestseller in its first day. This book is easy to read and wastes no time in going straight for the jugular.

You get actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically grow sales for your business…in most cases, without spending a cent more on advertising.

Buy The Book

4.9 stars out of 4,521 reviews

“Since partnering with King Kong the results have been nothing short of outstanding. There are three simple words here and that is: Leads! Leads! Leads!” Domenic Varese, Marketing Manager, Metricon
“From Cold-calling To 200 New Customers In 12 Months” Emma & Jim Elliott, Owners, Little Big Dairy
“From $4 Million To $25,000,000+ In 18 Months” Michael Argent, Managing Director, Let's Get Care
“Our Pipeline Got Completely Flooded Overnight” Wade Tink, Managing Director, Project Everest
"From $0 To $18 Million In 18 Months (During A Recession)" New Sensation Homes, Danny Coyne, New Sensation Homes
"Working With King Kong Has Transformed Our Whole Lives. The Growth That We've Experienced Has Been Astronomical." Marco Maisano, CEO & Founder, NSR Australia & NZ
"Initially I was worried about where my first job was coming from. After using King Kong I was more worried about how I was going to manage the job. My business has increased 200%, so I got my return on investment 10-20 times over." Ged, Owner, Ged's Mobile Car Cleaning
“Since starting work with King Kong 9 months ago our sales have tripled and we've expanded into 3 other states. These guys are amazing!” Raphael Bender, Founder, Breathe Education
“We’ve Increased Our Revenue By 35-40% By Working With King Kong” Colin Battersby, Principal, Discover Stradbroke
“After 18 Months, We’ve Got A 49% Increase In Leads. I’d Never Go Back To Not Using King Kong.” Beth Hourigan, Director, Aged Care Financial Services
"From $3 Million To $50 Million In 12 Months With King Kong" Dylan Trickey, Marketing Coordinator
“The goal was to get 8 sales in the first year. It’s been 11 months now and we’ve had 23 sales. Which is $7 million in revenue. The money I spent with King Kong I’ve seen a return on investment of five to six times.” Lee Selkrig, Founder, Enso Homes

Domenic Varese

Emma & Jim Elliott

Michael Argent

Wade Tink

New Sensation Homes

Marco Maisano


Raphael Bender

Colin Battersby

Beth Hourigan

Dylan Trickey

Lee Selkrig

I guess what we’re trying to say is that you should hit the damn button