Whether you use your website as just a launching pad or as the entire basis for your business the end goal is always the same- to establish and grow your brand.

Having a website is an essential business tool and no matter how you choose to use it there are 8 little-known hacks that can help you turn it into a well-oiled growth machine.

These hacks can help you to increase your leads, sales and revenue without having to spend a fortune on a complete website re-design and here they are…

1. Brutally Assess Your Conversions

Is your website really designed to help convert your traffic into sales?

Many companies fall into the trap of spending lots of money to make a beautiful website that doesn’t actually convert and then stick with it because they are afraid of making it worse or spending more money.

If your business is guilty of this, it is time to face the facts and look at running a conversion audit. Really take the time to look at your call to actions, website layout and design and see where your site is holding you back and where it is really performing.

Once you have been able to identify any issues, start split testing and optimising phrases, colours, layouts and more. Don’t be afraid to experiment- it won’t cost you much to tweak a few things and once you are able to find the perfect combination, the time and money will be well worth it.

2. Track your Visitors Activity

Do you know which parts of your website your visitors are drawn to?

Another great tool to help manage the functionality of your website is a Heat Map that tracks where your visitors are looking, clicking and spending most of their time when they come to your site.

Heat Maps not only allow you to see where the clicks are occurring and how far down the page they are scrolling, but they also provide insight on where your traffic is coming from.

Once you have been able to determine the hot spots of your website, you can start tweaking your layout and call to actions to convert more of your traffic.

3. Take Advantage of Google Analytics

What if there was a way to see how different traffic sources respond to your website?

Well the good news is that there is! And it’s all available for you quickly and easily on Google Analytics.

By reviewing your referrals on Google Analytics and how engaged they are on your site you can assess which traffic sources are responding to your site and which ones are not. For example, say your Facebook traffic is not converting well but your LinkedIn traffic is.

You could take this opportunity to build a separate landing page to promote on Facebook that is more geared to your target audience there.

Understanding Google Analytics can also help you to increase organic traffic by reviewing SEO queries, keywords report and landing page reports.

You can read more about using Google Analytics efficiently here.

4. Offer a Live Chat Feature

Think a live chat assistant is just for e-commerce sites? Think again, as many businesses are benefiting from using a live chat feature.

Many customers are turned off calling in a business- they are afraid of long wait times and don’t want to be stuck on the phone for hours. Having a good call service can help, however what may be even more efficient is offering a live chat feature.

A live chat feature can quickly answer customer responses and queries such as- what is your business address? Or would you be able to help me with this?

One restaurant implemented a live chat feature on their mobile site to help customers make reservations and find out basic information like the address. After doing so, they noticed a significant increase in conversions and because they got their regular employees to use the chat service, their cost was relatively low.

5. Exit Pop Up

Getting traffic to your website isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy which is why it is important to make use of every last drop of opportunity.

One way you can entice visitors before they leave is by offering a special promotion or deal that is activated when they move their mouse to exit the screen.

Chances are if your visitors take the bait they are at least somewhat interested in what your company has to offer, however if they don’t, it could be safe to assume that they were never really going to become a customer of yours in the first place.

Having an exit popup gives your website that one last chance to entice them and helps you to engage and market to visitors who are actually interested in becoming customers, even if it’s not right away.

6. Build Trust Through Testimonials

If visitors are going to trust your company and your brand you have to offer some type of social proof or testimonials to help ease their concerns.

Studies have also found that websites that offer testimonials and reviews convert better than sites that don’t. This is because most of the time no one wants to be the first to take a chance on your business. People want to feel that they are receiving a service that is tried and true, so no matter if you are starting out or have been around for ages, always include customer testimonials.

Be wary of providing fake testimonials too. Most of the time a savvy customer can tell when the reviews seem to be fake or ‘too good to be true’.

7. Simple Fonts

Fancier fonts don’t mean more sales, in fact studies have proven otherwise- simpler fonts and easy to read text converts better.

When it comes to the typography on your website, go with a font that is simple and easy to read and also ensure that your fonts display nicely across both mobile and tablet devices as well.

While cursive or alternative fonts may look appealing and help to establish the style or theme of your business, test out a simpler font and see if it helps to increase conversions.

8. Use Video

With so much information out there on the world wide web, sometimes you need a new and refreshing way to capture your audiences attention. A video can do just that as it can help customers to quickly and easily learn about your brand and services.

Just keep in mind when you are creating your video that you want it to be short, to the point and have it instantly capture your audiences attention.

So, what are you waiting for? Get growing!