Over the years statistics have shown that 70 percent of companies find that it is cheaper to retain an existing customer rather than acquire a new one.

Further studies also show that finding a new customer can be five times more expensive than simply retaining an existing one. This just goes to show how important it is to retain your customers once you have found them.

There are many ways to retain customers such as emailing coupon codes, offering reward points and so on, but with the growing competition online, offering these types of incentives are not always easy.

Today, around 60 percent of users have ditched their desktops in favour of mobile devices. More and more, people are turning to apps and mobile friendly websites in order to browse, shop and look up reviews.

As a marketer, being able to cater to this growing mentality is extremely important, which is why retaining customers using mobile marketing is a crucial step.

Here ways to retain your customers using mobile marketing strategies-

Create an App

There are so many advantages to having your own app, the most important being the retention of your customers.

When your customers have their app on your phone, they are more likely to use it and rely on it when they are in need of any products or services that you offer.

Think about what app would serve your brand the best, and then consider designing a simple but effective version.

Using the app you can then employ the following marketing techniques-

1.) Geolocation Marketing

Mobile devices allow you to know exactly where the person is and what they are in proximity to. Nowadays you can simply type into Google search- “coffee shops near me”, and a list of local shops will come up in your search results.

This is changing the way things are marketed and this can have a huge impact on local businesses.

The airline KLM is a good example as they had users download their app in order to access in-flight entertainment. They also offered users of the app deals and discounts on travel and bonus points.

Once the app was installed on the users phone, it was then able to send them updates and reminders about KLM flights, deals and even flight times and tracking.

This allowed users to become more loyal to the brand and studies showed that they were more likely to think of the airline the next time they wanted to travel.

2.) Content Deals

Keep your app information fresh and up to date so it gives your users an incentive to come back.

Consider offering coupon codes and discounts through the app as well in order to inspire your customers to take action. Think of this almost like email marketing, but in the form of an app.

A good example of this comes from Starbucks. They offer users of their app certain perks and deals to keep them coming back for more.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, but these suggestions to retain customers using mobile marketing is a great place to start.