An Open Letter To Growth Focused Marketers
Join A Tribe Of The Most Lunatic Growth Marketers On Planet Earth, Maybe…

Dear Growth Marketer,

We have no idea how you got to this website.

(Thanks to the homies over Apple and their crusade for privacy)

But maybe you read about us online…

Or saw one of our scandalous Facebook Ads.

Maybe a friend told you about us.

Or perhaps you stumbled across us by pure dumb luck!

But, however you got here…

You’ve arrived at what might be the most important website you’ll ever visit…

Here’s why: most companies and jobs suck harder than a Dyson…

But we’re not most companies.

We’re a group of internet vigilantes and mind-control experts *muahahaha*.

And, we take it you’re reading this right now because you’re interested in joining our tribe.

…Or maybe you’re just a mouth-breathing internet stalker who loves following our every move.

If it’s the former, our HR department wants to hire you!

Well, maybe…

First, you’ll need to answer ‘yes’ to the following questions, either out loud or in your head is fine:

  • Have you ever wondered if a place actually exists that would allow you to do the best work of your life, where you can focus your craft on doing something that actually betters people’s lives?
  • Are you an all-around amazing marketer and a good human?
  • Are you willing to ditch most of what you know about sales and marketing?
  • Do you have a passion for making sure every last detail is world-class, no matter how “small” the assignment?
  • Would you push a stranger off a cliff to score a dozen soft-in-the-middle cookies?

Nice work. If you have passed the above self-screening portion.

Please do go ahead, click on one of the below openings…

And officially apply so we can get this party started…

With all the fun technicalities like video kits, the interview process—you know, that kinda thing.

But maybe you’re the sceptical type…

And think a job/company like this doesn’t exist?

Well, think again amigo.

Cos we’re not shitting you…

We’re A Gusto Group Of Internet Vigilantes And Mind-Control Experts *muahahaha*

And as such, we need more pirates to join our ship. AKA smart humans. Lots of em’.

In the last nine years, we’ve grown from 2 to 100+ team members.

And have been ranked as the #1 fastest-growing digital agency in the country by the Australian Financial Review, for several years in a row.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way businesses are grown…

By building the most ruthlessly effective platform for rapidly scaling businesses on planet Earth.

This isn’t some unreachable, dream goal.

We fully expect to hit this benchmark, as long as we keep recruiting top talent, like you.

We already serve 200,000 customers in over 136 countries.

You see, we’re part of a new wave of business builders…

Who understand the power and potential of digital marketing combined with world-class design, technology and salesmanship.

The Largest Trillion Dollar Advertising Platform In The World…

Everything is going digital. Everything.

And this is just the start of the wave.

The global market for Digital Advertising and Marketing reached $531 Billion in the year 2023.

And is projected to reach a revised size of $1.5 Trillion by 2030.

We see this as a huge business opportunity, and a chance to be part of a momentous change in the way the world sells, works… and lives…

A trillion-dollar industry. Fast moving. Exciting.

And with the potential to grant you a very rewarding and lucrative career.

If this kind of fast growth and huge potential excites you, then you’ll be right at home at King Kong.

We’ve been ranked as the #1 fastest-growing digital agency in Australia for the last several years by the Australia Financial Review.

We’ve been named as one of the BEST PLACES TO WORK in Australia & New Zealand by AFR.

And one of the Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia by Anthill Magazine.

The #9 most innovative company in Australia by the AFR.

And our mums think we’re all pretty cool too.

And now, it’s your chance to join us. If you fit the bill.

We’re looking to assemble an Avenger’s crew of badass marketers… media buyers murderers… superstar creatives… coding heroes… and sales war lords…

Who wanna make a fantastic salary doing something they love ❤️.

We already have some of the sharpest marketing minds working at our offices in Melbourne 🇦🇺 and LA 🇺🇸.

If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been searching for, then simply hit the button below and see our current openings…

Meet The Herd

A Gusto Group of Seasoned Digital Marketers

Brian Sebastian Head of Sales
Dave Ross Sales Training and Development Lead
Jess "The General" Delahunty General Manager
Siobhan King People & Culture Manager
Cara Gammon Head of Web Development
Kostan Ioannou Deputy Head of Digital Strategy
Sebastien D'Argent Head of Paid Social
Louis Attaguile Senior Paid Social Specialist
Sneha Mukherjee Business Systems Project Manager
Amanda James Head of Digital Growth Strategy
Isaac Crawley Tribal Counsel
Matt Cernik Head of SEO
Sonya The Senior New Client Success Manager
Jean-Paul McAllan Facebook Ads Specialist
Skye Milne Paid Search Specialist
Scout Turner Digital Growth Strategist
Julien Steckmann Senior Digital Growth Strategist
Sabri Suby Founder & Head of Growth
Luke Crawford Senior Web Developer
Filimone Lea'Aetoa Web Developer
Ben Murdoch Data Analyst
Reshan Jayamanne Senior Conversion & Sales Funnel Specialist
Marina Cheveleva Senior SEO Specialist
Shalini Suby CTO
Zeeshan Ahmed Web Designer
Monique O'Rafferty Community Manager
Ciane Gallenti Guilfoyle Professional Fixer
Dilan Mery Digital Strategist
Elisha Chikuhwa Digital Growth Strategist
George Youssef Digital Strategist
James Lee Shun Paid Search Specialist
Jordan Muthusamy Conversion and Sales Funnel Specialist
Lorenzo Lapetina Digital Growth Strategist
Marcus Tee Videographer
Mitch Hardiman Junior Digital Growth Strategist
Nate Damman Conversion and Sales Funnel Specialist
Peter Nicholas Videographer Content Creator
Tao Hulin Digital Strategist
Trae Kavalinovich New Client Success Manager
Cameron Klier Digital Strategist
Brady Wedvick Digital Strategist
Ayo Akinlade Digital Strategist
Molly Gavin Digital Strategist
Kaitlyn VanderLeek Digital Growth Strategist
Winston Lie Web Developer
Mitch Bantoft Paid Search Specialist
Chelsea Dunwoodie Head of CRO and Digital Projects
Cyril Sansano Senior SEO Specialist
Luke Wyatt Digital Strategist
Ali Petrie Digital Strategist
Tim Cafarella Junior SEO Specialist
Robyn Holden Web Business Analyst
Robbie Carolan Web Developer
Prashant Gurung SEO Specialist
Nida Phongsavan Paid Search Specialist
Nick Denton Email Marketing and Automation Specialist
Maxi Kuehn Junior SEO Specialist
Josh Smith Digital Strategist
Joe Villegas Digital Strategist
Fynn Wilson Junior Conversion and Sales Funnel Specialist
John Cichello Web Project Manager
Jonnie White Web Project Manager
Georgia Badoino Digital Growth Strategist
Liz Pham Senior Paid Social Specialist
Elbranz Aliandheart SEO Specialist
Cooper Bankes Fay Junior Paid Social Specialist
Ash Sibanda Junior Paid Social Specialist
Abraham Hooper Content Creator
If You're Talented, Hungry, And Ready To Start An Incredible Career, Then We'd Love To Talk To You Today!

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the King Kong crew:

  • Extensive training and full support – We take training very seriously and will provide you with the industry’s very best training, giving you the knowledge and confidence needed for greatness.
  • Generous salary – We want Australia’s best talent and reward as such.
  • Newly renovated headquarters – in South Yarra (just off Chapel St.) Close to trendy cafes for coffee and lunch, and easy-to-reach public transport
  • Young and vibrant team – Learn and thrive with some of the country’s most switched-on digital marketers and growth experts
  • Amazing growth prospects and upward mobility – build an empire within our fine, progressive company.

Sound good? Good!

Scroll down to find your next dream job.

Oh, wait.

Maybe check Facebook one more time.

Just real quick.

WE’RE JOKING! Go check out our openings. Before it’s too late.

How Are We Different?
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Welcome to the Jungle: Current Openings
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