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16th April, 2024
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Online marketing is one of the most effective methods to connect with your ideal audience. But just connecting with your audience isn’t enough. If you want to drive real results for your business, you need to take that audience and convert them into actual paying customers.

Conversion digital marketing is the key to driving sales for your business. With the conversion marketing strategy, you can continue to increase conversions, turning more potential customers into actual customers—and drive a crazy amount of revenue in the process.

But what’s the secret to conversion rate improvement? How do you boost your conversion rate—and skyrocket your success in the process?

Why a conversion rate increase is crucial to success

Before we jump into how to improve conversion, we need to cover why, exactly, it’s important to increase sales conversion in the first place.

Fine tuning your conversion funnel and increasing your average ecommerce conversion rate—even by 1%—can have a dramatic effect on your sales.

Look at it this way. Let’s say your online marketing funnel is driving 10,000 people per day to your website—and out of that 10,000 people, 500 actually make a purchase. In that situation, your lead conversion rate would be 5 percent (10,000 people/500 sales = 5%).

So, what would it look like if you were able to increase website conversion to 6 percent—an increase of just 1 percent in your website conversion rate?

That 1 percent increase would drive an additional 100 sales per day. That’s an extra 700 sales per week—or 3000 sales per month!—from a 1 percent conversion rate increase.

And that’s why improving your marketing conversions is so important. A minor increase to conversion rate can create a major increase in leads, sales, and revenue—so if you want to make a real, measurable impact on your business results, conversion rate optimization is the way to do it.

The different steps to conversion rate optimisation

Alright, so now that we’ve briefly covered why increasing conversions is a must, let’s talk about the different steps of the cro optimization process.

The conversion optimisation process has multiple touchpoints, and there are a number of different routes you can take to increase your website conversion rate, your lead conversion rate, your sales conversion rate, your ecommerce conversion rate, your customer conversion rate, your ad conversion rate—or any combination of the above.

The right steps to take to drive conversions are going to depend on your end goal. But a few cro expert best practices include:

On-page conversion optimisation
If your ultimate goal is to increase conversions on your website, you need to optimise every page to maximize every website visitor.

Think of your page as a conversion website; each element should be optimised to drive every visitor to take your desired action, whether that’s to opt-in for your email list, purchase your product, or fill out a contact form.

So how, exactly, do you optimise your website? Making your page convert is an art, but there are a few steps you can take to maximize your conversion page—no matter what your end goal:

  • Split test different landing pages. There are definitely conversion rate best practices—but there’s no way to know which elements are going to work best for you, your audience, and your website until you test them. Split testing your landing pages is a must to get data on which elements convert best for your business—and once you have that information, you can optimise each page to drive the highest rate of conversions.
  • Choose colors that convert. You may be tempted to choose colors based on preference (“I like purple, so let’s make our sales buttons purple!”). But if you want to see real results with customer conversion, you need to choose colors based on how well they convert. Do your research to see which colors are going to act as a conversion optimizer for your audience and your website; for example, if you’re targeting men, you might want to incorporate blue into your design, which 57% of men rank as their favorite color. If you want more people to click on your call-to-action button, try red, which has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 34%. The point is, the colors you choose have the power to seriously drive conversions—so make you choose colors that convert.
  • Pay attention to layout. People view websites in very specific ways—so how you lay out each element of your website design is just as important as the elements themselves. Where you put each element of your landing page design (like the call-to-action button) can have a huge impact on how well it converts—so make sure your layout is optimised for conversions.

Ad conversion optimisation
Ads are an essential part of the conversion process. The right ad will not only drive clicks—but it will also drive higher conversions for those clicks.

If you want to get the highest marketing conversion rate from your ads, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make your ads as relevant as possible. It doesn’t matter how great your ads are—if they’re not relevant to your offer, your clicks aren’t going to convert. No matter where you’re advertising—Facebook, Instagram, Google—make sure your ad (including copy, photos, and video) is relevant to the ad’s ultimate ad destination. So, for example, if you’re using Facebook ads to drive traffic to a lead magnet as a way to capture email addresses, that should be clear from the ad—and that ad’s look, feel, and design should feel cohesive with the lead magnet’s landing page. This creates a consistent, relevant experience for your audience—and that experience is essential for driving conversions.
  • Split test your ads. Just like you would test different elements of your landing page to drive up conversions, if you want your ads to convert, you need to split test them. Design your ad and then change one element (like the ad copy or the featured photo). Then, set a small budget and run each ad. See which one performs better, then repeat the process with another element. Rinse and complete until you have an ad that’s converting like crazy.
  • Test out different ad formats. A video ad might convert for one offer—but fall flat for another. Google AdWords might drive an insane number of conversions for one product—but miss the mark on another. The point is, different kinds of ads perform for different kinds of businesses, products, services, and offers. Make sure you’re testing out different ad formats to see which offers the highest conversion rate.

Ecommerce optimisation

If you’re running an online shop, you want to sell as many products as possible. And the way to do that? Improve your conversion rate for ecommerce.

If you want to optimise your ecommerce shop to drive as many conversions (and sales!) as possible, you’ll definitely want to:

  • Have high-quality product photos. In order to drive sales, people need to want what you’re selling—and how you present your products plays a huge part in driving that desire. If you want to take your ecommerce conversions to the level of conversion rate optimization experts, high-quality product photos are a non-negotiable. Make sure you have your product photos taken by a professional (no iPhone snapshots!)—and, when possible, use the photos to up your products’ appeal (so, for example, if you’re selling a line of high-end sunglasses, include photos of people wearing them on a luxurious beach).
  • Make the checkout process quick and easy. Nothing tanks ecommerce conversions faster than an overly complicated checkout process. The more steps it takes for someone to purchase your product—and the more confusing or complex those steps are—the less likely they are to make the purchase. If you want to increase conversions, make the checkout process as simple, fast, and straightforward as possible.
  • Offer easy returns. When you’re shopping online, there’s no way to see, touch, or feel the product before you buy it—which can make a lot of people hesitant to pull the trigger and make the purchase (especially for high-ticket items). By offering easy returns, you eliminate your customers hesitancy—and can dramatically increase conversions as a result. Make sure you make the process of returning products simple for your customers—and make sure they know it by displaying your return policy prominently on your website.

Conversion improvement: top tips to optimize for conversions

Now that we’ve covered the different steps you need to take to optimise each part of your marketing funnel, let’s talk about some general tips to boost conversion rates (and drive serious results in the process):

  • Use funnel marketing to build a relationship. You might be tempted to go for the conversion right out of the gate. But the first steps of your marketing funnel should always be about relationship building. The more you focus on building the relationship with your audience, the more they’ll trust you—and the more they trust you, the more likely they’ll be to convert. Instead of going straight for the sale, invest time in establishing a relationship and building trust with your relationship. It may take a bit longer than going straight for the sale, but your conversion rates will be much higher once you’ve formed a baseline of trust with your potential customers.
  • Use conversion-focused language. Not all copy is created equal. If you want to increase your conversion rate—and get a higher percentage of your audience to take your desired action—you need to use conversion-focused language. Persuasive copy is key—no one is going to do what you want them to do (whether that’s purchase a product, sign up for a course, or download a lead magnet) if your copy doesn’t convince them that they should. Make sure every piece of copy you present to your audience is driving them towards action.
  • Avoid the “used car salesman” approach. It’s important that your copy drives your audience to take action. But you don’t want your copy to be overly “salesy” (think used car salesman)—this can be a real turnoff for your audience and can actually cause your conversions to tank. Be persuasive—but don’t be pushy.
  • Stay on top of what’s working (and what’s not). Like any other area of market, the best way to boost conversions is different today than it was yesterday—and, chances are, it’ll be different tomorrow than it is today. If you want to continue to increase your conversion rate, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the conversion rate optimisation space—what’s working, what’s not working, and how you can apply it to your business. If you want to learn more about what’s working in conversion rate optimisation today (and how to apply it to your business), download this free report on the 13 bulletproof strategies to improve your conversions.
  • Be willing to be flexible. The people who are most successful at driving conversions are the people who are most willing to be flexible. If something’s not working, ditch it and try something else. If you’re not finding success with a certain strategy, pivot and see if a different strategy will yield better results. If something used to drive results but isn’t anymore, abandon it and get a fresh start. The point is, what you need to do to drive conversions is going to change and evolve all the time—and if you want to succeed, you need to be flexible and willing to change and evolve right along with it.
  • Test, test, test. If you want to drive conversions, you need to always be testing different elements, whether that’s copy, graphics, design, or layout. Whether you’re optimising a landing page or an ad, an ecommerce shop or a specific product page, make sure you’re continually testing it and optimising for the highest level of performance.
  • Work with a conversion rate optimization consultant or a conversion rate optimisation agency. Conversion rate optimisation takes years to master. If you want to drive a higher conversion rate—and you want to do it fast—you should definitely consider using professional conversion rate optimisation services. Partnering with an individual consultant or a marketing agency that specializes in conversion consulting will give you the best results in the shortest time frame.

Interested in the industry’s best conversion rate optimization services? Get in touch with King Kong

We’ve covered a ton of information in this guide. But if you really want to improve your conversions (and skyrocket your success in the process), you need to partner with the best conversion optimization company in the industry—King Kong.

At King Kong, our team of conversion experts leverage decades of experience in CRO to dramatically increase conversions for our clients. Our conversion optimisation agency works with clients at every stage of their marketing strategy (from Facebook advertising to PPC, on-page optimisation to sales-driven copywriting) to optimise their entire marketing funnel, giving them an unfair competitive edge that puts them light years ahead of their competition. Through our conversion optimization services, our CRO agency has been able to help our clients dramatically increase their conversion rates—and drive millions of dollars of additional revenues as a result.

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We offer a variety of conversion rate optimisation services to help you launch your business to the next level, including:

  • Website performance audit
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  • Facebook advertising
  • PPC advertising
  • Landing page design

At King Kong, we’re invested in helping our clients drive more engagement, sales, and revenue by leveraging the most cutting-edge conversion rate optimisation strategies—and we’d like to help you do the same. Ready to get started? Get in touch and schedule your free consultation today.