Since we at SocialMarker know that different people have different points of view, we’ve tried to make our website as simple and user-friendly as possible. However, as certain aspects of our service may still seem confusing to some, we’ve decided to create this FAQ section, where you will find the most common problems that users have been facing and the solutions we’ve suggested for them.

If you are experiencing a different problem than those listed here, then please don’t hesitate to contact us, so that we may help you fix it. If we spot trends in what users are having the most difficulty with, we will update this section accordingly. Hopefully, this will help us reduce the time you need to spend trying to solve problems and increase the time you spend promoting your website!

Q: I’ve tried dragging the bookmarklet but it doesn’t drag! What should I do?
A: While SocialMarker is supported on all major browsers, dragging the button only works for Mozilla Firefox users. If you are using Firefox, please make sure you are trying to drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar, which can be enabled/disabled here.

Q: Can I make the bookmarklet work in Internet Explorer?
A: Yes, you most certainly can! What you have to do is right-click the button on our home page and choose the Add to Favorites option. Once you’ve done that, you can use the button just like you would on Firefox, accessing it from the Favorites toolbar.

Q: I am using Flock and the Social Marker button  won’t work properly. It opens two new tabs: one is blank and the other is SocialMarker.com, with the URL filled in as ‘about:blank’. Why won’t it work?
A: Don’t worry, this can be easily fixed by adjusting your Flock settings. Simply go to Tools>Options and under the Tabs menu, adjust the settings so that when you click links in Flock, it opens them in the current tab – like this (thank you very much Lloyd Conrade for pointing this out to us).

Q: Where exactly do I insert the code if I want to put your button on my website?
A: Simply put: exactly where you want it to appear. You should first pick a spot on your site, for example immediately after a bit of text saying “Check out this cool button i have!” Next, view your website’s source code and search for that keyphrase. Once found, pick a (preferably empty) row after it and paste our code there.

Q: I’m having difficulties with Social Submitter, can you help me?
A: Unfortunately, no, we can’t. Social Submitter is not our creation, but rather that of an affiliate or sponsor. If you are having difficulties with it, you will need to contact their staff.