There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your blog posts shared hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times across social media.

While this may seem like nothing more than a pipe dream, imagine if there was a way that you could get your blog posts shared by all your readers every single time, or at least most of the time?

Having your blog posts shared by your readers is one of the best ways to find new leads, score customers and build up the reputation of your brand.

There is no doubt that sharing matters, especially across all of the different social media platforms.

And while there is unfortunately no tried and true way to guarantee your article will get shared every single time, there are some steps that you can take to improve your chances.

In fact, there are some blog topics that time and time again get shared more than most. These blog topics can be adjusted for all industries and can help you to earn more shares.

By writing about these topics, you are likely to gain interest from your existing readers and even gain some new ones.

So, if you are looking to create the most viral blog posts around, here are 5 of the most popular and share worthy topics that you should write about-

1. Productivity and Time Hacks

No matter what demographic you market to, time is always of the essence. Everyone always wants more time and time is not something you can create more of. This makes time one of the most precious factors for most people.

This is why productivity and time hacks are consistently a popular topic to write about. Everyone wants to find new ways to get more done in less time and to make time for things that they enjoy doing.

People also want to cut back on their working hours without compromising their pay check, and there are many brands out there that have made an entire business out of this topic.

In fact, the popular podcaster and entrepreneur, Tim Ferris has built up an entire brand and has even written a New York Times best selling novel about time hacking called the “4-Hour Work Week”.

The popularity of this book proved that there were millions of people out there interested in learning how to streamline their work and get more done in less time.

Today, this topic continues to be extremely popular and is still one of the most discussed topics online.

By incorporating productivity hacks into your blog posts, you can tap into this Universal desire for more time. Try to think of original ideas or even productivity tips that have worked for you, as offering real world examples will also help to peak interest.

People also love learning shortcuts or discovering new ways to get more time and achieve their goals faster, so experiment with different blog topics in these categories.

Here are some blog posts ideas for productivity and time hacks for your inspiration and to help you get started-

  • How to create a more productive morning
  • How to get more done in less time
  • Ways to earn more money and work less
  • Ways to boost productivity at work
  • Ways to boost productivity in the afternoon
  • How to achieve your goals faster
  • How to stop worrying/ making excuses and start doing

2. Travelling the World

Another topic that can easily be integrated into your blog is travel. Face it, everyone loves to travel and loves the idea of exploring exotic locations far, far away.

The travel industry is also booming right now, and more and more people are travelling than ever before. This is most likely due to the internet which has made finding locations, booking flights and securing accomodation extremely easy.

Writing about travel also offers endless opportunities, as you can talk about travel from an educational point of view, a relaxation point of view, and adventurous point of view and so on.

Content about travel is always widely shared and earns far more clicks than most other topics. It is also appealing to a variety of demographics and there are numerous ways you can integrate it to support the message of your brand.

The images associated with travel posts are also a great way to earn clicks and a great way to get your audience engaged with what you have to say.

Travel posts are also timeless and can be posted any time of the year across all types of social media platforms. Travel posts also do really well on photo sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

No matter what industry you are in, get creative and see if you can incorporate travel into your blog posts for a guaranteed share spike.

Here are some blog posts ideas for travelling the world that you can use for your inspiration-

  • Best locations to live
  • Tips for the solo traveller
  • Top destinations to visit
  • How to plan the perfect trip
  • Apps you need for travel
  • Best credit cards for travel
  • Point Hacking for airline travel upgrades
  • Best cities to promote your product/service
  • Industry seminars and events around the world

3. Health and Fitness 

Health and fitness are other topics that are always popular amongst all types of readers, especially when it comes to shaping up, dietary advice and exercise routines.

Everyone wants to know how to get fitter, leaner and healthier which is why these topics are always highly shareable.

Because there are so many health and fitness blogs out there, in order to stand out from the crowd, consider taking a competitive edge and integrating these topics to align with your brand or brand mission.

For example, if you run a computer based business you can talk about the dangers of sitting at the computer all day or tummy toning exercises you can do at your desk.

These topics will appeal to a wide demographic and will help to get your content shared hundreds of times over.

Fitness is also a great topic to focus on almost exclusively. In fact, according to a report from Buzzsumo, in 2015 fitness was one of the most shared topics on the world wide web.

Many popular blogs and news sites also continue to talk about fitness despite its overwhelming popularity, due to the fact that it always results in guaranteed shares.

Here are some blog posts ideas for health and fitness that you can use for your inspiration-

  • How working out can make you a better business owner
  • Healthy diet ideas for people on the go
  • Exercises you can do at your desk
  • Healthy meals you can bring to work
  • How to achieve your fitness goals using technology
  • Apps for fitness
  • 30 day fitness challenge
  • Fitness tips for lazy people

4. Finding Success in All Areas of Life

Showing your readers how to find success in all areas of life, whether it be in their business or relationships, is also guaranteed to earn you shares.

Everyone wants to know how to be more successful in life and writing about how to do just that is going to earn you clicks for years to come.

Some specific topics that you may wish to talk about include how to find financial success, how to negotiate successfully, how to find the partner of your dream and how to interview like a pro.

There are so many topics that you can touch on in this category that can be easily applied to your brand and your demographic.

Even on the King Kong blog, our articles about finding success in marketing are often some of the most shared and people keep coming back to these articles time and time again.

Finding success in all areas of life is also a timeless topic and something that you can promote on social media for the long term.

For inspiration, check out blogs like the Huffington Post, Forbes and others in this category to see what is earning clicks and shares.

You can also think about your demographic and what success tips may apply exclusively to them or may be of interest to them.

Here are some blog posts ideas for finding success in life for your inspiration-

  • Effective ways to get what you want in life
  • How to achieve your goals
  • What you can learn from this successful person
  • How to build healthy relationships
  • How to 100x your sales
  • Boost the performance of your business
  • How to nail your next job interview
  • How to network like a pro

5. Money and Finances

Another popular blog topic that earns considerable shares is talking about money and finances.

This is perhaps not hard to believe as many people desire more money and are curious about what has made people rich. Getting out of debt is also a popular topic and can also help to earn you shares.

Blog posts about money and finances are also easy to apply to almost any brand and demographic. They can also provide you with many content ideas, such as getting out of debt, learning how to invest and so on.

Depending on your brand mission, you can also talk about successful habits from rich people and tips that people can take away from businesses or business owners that have made it big.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can write about money and finances. It all just comes down to what your audience is going to respond the best to.

If you want to get creative, you can also throw in points on the financial benefits of your products or services. If you weave this into your blog posts, it may also help to generate sales.

Here are some blog posts ideas for money and finances that you can use for your inspiration-

  • How to get out of debt
  • Surprising ways to increase your income
  • Warren Buffet’s investment success tips
  • How to save money without depriving yourself
  • How to invest for the future
  • The best investments for 2017
  • Startup investment ideas
  • Apps that help you invest

Points to Remember

Now that you have discovered the best content ideas to write about, it is important that your website is also easy to share with others. There is no point writing about share-friendly topics if your website is not designed in a way that makes it easy for people to share it. This means that you need to-

  • Craft a catchy headline that is share worthy
  • Offer an easy to use share bar so sharing is a breeze
  • Use a catchy image that stands out on social media
  • Promote your content across all social platforms
  • Make your article easy to read and navigate by including short paragraphs and dot points
  • Encourage readers to share the content with their networks


There are many factors that can help increase shares on your blog posts, but one of the most important factors is the topic that you choose to write about.

When you write about something that is engaging and interesting, you are more likely to earn shares and clicks. The more shares you get, the more likely people are to see and read your content and the more likely you are to build leads and sales.

Over time, the more you focus on writing about click worthy topics, the more traffic you are going to receive to your website.

Currently, some of the most share-worthy topics out there include-

  • Productivity and time management hacks
  • Travel (especially international travel)
  • Health and fitness
  • Finding success in all areas of life
  • Money and finances

All of these topics may not be the best fit for your brand or demographic, but they are flexible enough that they can be tailored to suit most.

You can also get creative with how you choose to use these topics and explore different ways of presenting these ideas to your demographic.

So, why not give one of these topics a try and see if it can help to boost the share counts of your blog. You may just be surprised at how your audience responds.