The internet is inundated with content which means there is a lot of information out there which is all competing for consumers attention.

If you want to set your products and business apart, if you want to really go one step above and beyond the game, then perhaps launching an e-book is the way to go.

e-Book sales have been growing rapidly since they were first launched. In fact in from 2008-2012, ebook sales rose by 4,400% from $68 million to $3 billion. Amazon has also stated that e-book sales are higher today than hard copy sales.

Why should your company offer an e-book?

Even though the average internet goer is distracted in less than 4 seconds, content over 2000 words in length consistently ranks higher in search results. This means that if you offer more detailed content to the right type of users, you could see an increase to your ranking and traffic.

On top of that, studies have shown that users tend to trust sites and companies with e-books, even if they don’t read them. This means that they are more likely to purchase your products or services over someone else.

E-books are also a great way to establish your brand and credibility as an expert or leader in your field. They can also be used to help build your email list or as part of a sales tactic.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, one poll found that companies that offered an ebook experienced an increased conversion rate of up to 57%.

What should you write about?

E-book’s don’t have to be complex. In fact, their simplicity is really what makes them one of the best marketing tools online. Coming up with an idea is usually the hard part, but start with your intention and then work backwards from there.

Here are a few easy suggestions to get you started-

1.) Collect questions or queries from your customers and target audience and use them as part of your content building blocks. You can build an entire book around answering questions that your customers are likely to have.

2.) Repurpose your blogposts into a book. This is a great way to repurpose some of your existing content. Just make sure to add more content or go into extra detail, especially if you are charging for your ebook.

3.) Conduct interviews and include them in your ebook. Use the interviews as your main body of content and then perhaps chime in with your own ideas or questions.

4.) Expand customer testimonials and stories into a series of case studies

5.) Outsource your ebook content to a ghost writer

Where should your promote the ebook?

The possibilities are endless but here are 12 suggestions to get you going:

1.) Build momentum by giving away free copies or a coupon code for another product with every purchase

2.) Offer your ebook to industry experts and ask them for a testimonial

3.) Create a separate Facebook page for the book

4.) Design a banner for your website, social media page or blog

5.) Create a landing page where users can explore the benefits

6.) Publish it on Amazon and other online ebook stores

7.) Shoot a quick video promo or vlog and upload it to YouTube

8.) Guest post on other blogs similar to your target audience

9.) Promote your ebook via your email list with a strong CTA

10.) Have a pop up on your site with a direct link to download the book

11.) Promote your ebook like an event- offer weekly reminders of its launch

12.) Word of mouth- tell your clients, friends and neighbours (you never know who is interested)

How can you make your ebook stand out?

Even though ebook marketing is an effective tool there is still a lot of competition. This is why it is important that your ebook stands out against the rest. Having a great cover and title can help, but your content inside is what really matters.

Some of the most effective ebooks are:

  • Quick and easy to read
  • Conveniently accessed on both computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Offer substantial content
  • Are interactive (ie. graphs, quotes and links)
  • Valuable and informative for readers
  • Offer a direct CTA so users know what to do after they have finished reading

What to do after your launch?

Finishing and marketing your ebook is really just the beginning. There are so many places an ebook can take you. Judge your audiences approval and engagement of your book and then expand outwards.

Ebooks have launched many successful careers and can turn you into an expert in your field. Use your momentum from your ebook to create webinars, offer coaching services or to drive more traffic to your products.

As you can see, creating an ebook is easy, cheap and super effective. Why not give it a try for your business or service and see if it can help boost your conversions.