Using Google AdWords, or any competitor’s Pay Per Click platform, means you are trying to focus your advertising dollars on targeted traffic where they need to go. It means you are thinking more about keywords and keyword phrases, and their proper incorporation, in your landing pages, web content and all other copy used to attract the attention you want.

It also means you must make yourself aware of how many times those keywords and phrases will most likely be looked at and clicked on. In other words, when you need organically targeted Google Traffic, Using The Google Traffic Estimator is necessary in making the choices you need to make about those words and phrases.

When performing the necessary Search Engine Optimisation tasks, such as keywords and phrases, there are many questions for which you need the answer:

  • How many times is your particular word or phrase clicked on in an average day, world wide or in your region? In other words: How many people are interested enough in your main keywords to actually type them into a search engine?
  • How many websites, blogs or other landing pages are there that have your same keywords or phrases as their main search criteria? Example: If there are 1000 clicks on your word and there are 5000 websites already, you may want to select another keyword, which can also be accomplished using this tool.
  • What should it cost you for each click to ensure you have good positions on all pages that display your ad.
  • What is it likely going to cost you, per day, for your paid advertising?

By understanding what you can learn from Google Traffic, Using The Google Traffic Estimator will help you answer all of the above questions. This is especially important if you are just beginning your SEO adventures. This will assist in helping you know which words and phrases are most popular and which return little traffic. The use of this tool is free, so it should be on your favorites or bookmarks list.

An important part of any paid advertising campaign is the cost you are willing to pay for each click. That keyword you think is the best may describe your website or offers perfectly, but Google can see that many other marketers are willing to pay more per click than you are. This will, unfortunately, put you toward the bottom of the list for that keyword. For targeted Google Traffic, Using The Google Traffic Estimator will help you select one that is popular enough that does not crowd you out of the page.

When deciding the correct set of keywords or phrases, it is important to find those that are specific enough, yet are also deep enough to target those people looking for your specific subject, yet do not key in on others in closely associated subject matters. An example of this would be:

The keyword phrase ‘credit card’ is too general to generate targeted traffic if you are dealing with a specific bank’s card or if these cards are for specific tasks. A keyword phrase, such as ‘credit card rewards’ or ‘Visa credit cards’ might be more helpful to you. Again, for trying to attract targeted Google Traffic, Using The Google Traffic Estimator will help you in very specific and targeted ways.