Video marketing is definitely one of the more effective tools for promoting your content, building brand awareness and getting your target audience engaged in your products and services.

If you are looking to introduce video content into your marketing campaigns or if you are looking to tweak your videos for optimal results, then here are 10 of the most needed tips and tricks:

1. Follow the trends of success

Every successful YouTube video in history follows three main principals: attract, retain and monetise.

When it comes to creating a video series or campaign that you want to go viral, it is important to think about these three principals as well as your objective.

Your objective should be something that your team can measure and analyse to ensure that your video is serving its purpose.

2. Delete poorly ranking videos

Just like other social media platforms, sites like YouTube will increase or decrease the rank of your channel based on watch time, thumbs down or negative comments. If you have any videos like this on your account it may be better off to delete them so they are not able to effect your rankings.

3. Translate tags into foreign languages

There are billions of people around the world who don’t have English as their main language. By catering to this group you can help grow a bigger audience, especially internationally or with a target multi-cultural demographic.

Even if reaching out to non-English speakers is not in your brands best interest, the more virality you can create on a video, the greater chances you have of being seen by the right audience.

4. All video platforms are not created equal

Using the same video on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook is not always recommended as each platform has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. Having all your videos on just one platforms is also highly ineffective and will reduce the opportunities for your video to go viral.

Cater your videos to the different platforms and ensure that you post the appropriate content on high traffic sites like Facebook, Vine and Instagram.

5. Re-market to viewers

Running a viral video is great, but it won’t really help you long term unless you have a way to collect customer data. While collecting personal details is never easy, the more you remain consistent with your videos, encourage people to subscribe to your channel and respond personally to comments, the more chances you have of building a strong and loyal following.

6. Use YouTube Stars

In a survey, 5 out of 10 celebrities that were voted on by millennials were YouTube stars. This just shows that trends have changed, especially for millennials and that they are more likely to resonate with their favourite vlogger rather than their favourite movie star.

Your brand can definitely leverage this by reaching out to YouTube stars who are open to promoting your brand, product or service. The good news about this too is that having a YouTube star endorse your product is far cheaper than hiring a top celebrity and viewers are more likely to trust them as well.

7. Take time with your script

When it comes to drafting your soon-to-be-viral video, it is important to take the time to develop a solid script. The Harmon Brothers Agency, who were responsible for the viral Poo-Pouri commercial took three days to write the script, resulting in one of the most viral campaigns to date.

8. Use a paid strategy

To get your video out there it is important to market it across different platforms. Using paid traffic is the best way to test your video rather than waiting for organic traffic to bite. It is a lot easier and more cost effective in the long run to get 1000 paid views and then analyse results, rather than trying to have the video reach that number on its own. Running paid ads is also more effective than asking focus groups as well.

9. Brand Away 

Achieving a million hits on your video is awesome, but what’s not awesome is forgetting to place your brand logo, website or contact details in the video.

While you don’t have to bombard your users with your URL, you do need to include iconic branding symbols, catch phrases and other memorable marketing materials that you use for your brand. This helps audience members to instantly recognise your company and helps to build brand awareness.

10. Reduce bounce rates with additional content

To keep your target audience engaged, be sure to include external links for additional content or information for your audience to click on once the video is over. You can also lead people to comment or share as well in order to help increase virality and your overall channel rating.

YouTube also offers the option of having your videos play directly one after the other so that may also be a good strategy to keep users engaged and reduce bounce rates.

There are  many factors that go into creating the perfect viral video campaign, but start off with these ten and see how you can earn yourself top place on YouTube’s most watched.