Great book

| May 18 2024

I received so much valuable information for this book, I can't believe it cost almost nothing. Actually need to read it again and then put to practice, it is packed with wisdom and experience!

Life changing book

| May 18 2024

This book is full of inspiring insights. A step buy step guide and explaining on the market and selling world.

I told my partner this…

| May 18 2024

Completed it. Now it’s your turn. This will completely change your mindset towards anything you think you already know about your business xx

Amazing Tips – Best Book I Read

| May 18 2024

This book is a must for any business owner. One thing this definitely did for me was to look at my business with fresh eyes. Thanks for this!

Great fucken book

| May 17 2024

This book is legit as it comes and is helping me with my start up

Thinking Outside the Box

| May 17 2024

First I want to say, that this part is gold. To have a special page for people to write reviews about the book. My business already thinks outside the box and some things did hold me back. Sell Like Crazy made me think about why I was in business and that is to do my part and serve others, NOT myself.
You can't get rich alone, you have to give, and receive in return. This book is why I have business insurance and a 30-day money-back guarantee. All these little things help us open up our hearts to trust and serve one another the right way. Not everyone is trying to rip us off and if that does happen it's ok. Learn from it, file your insurance papers, and move on to help the next person who really wants the help.
Now, of course, there is more in the book that will be hard to cover but it's well worth investing in yourself to get this book. I got the audiobook so I could follow along and highlight the points in the book for myself that I loved and that I could add to my online business.
So if you are like me and you believe in magic and all the wonderful things in this world, get the book and get the audiobook too.

Just get it

| May 17 2024

If you are business owner, this book is full of useful practical information. A+

Sabri is phenomenal

| May 17 2024

The book is very pragmatic and offers a slew of topical solutions that can readily be applied to your business.

Amazing book

| May 16 2024

I love the amount of information that the book contains, Sabri truly held nothing back and because of him I have a lot of actions to implement in my business this quarter.

For anyone on the fence about getting this book don't be, the contents inside are amazing and will help your business succeed