I literally dont want more competitors ; so dont read this book.

| Dec 06 2023

Sabri has literally nailed down your marketing life with this book. Look no further than this book; everyone on the internet is kind of throwing ideas, and this guy totally delivers on what he promises in his book . look no further and get your copy right now.

Best Marketing Book I ever had in Hands… ever!

| Dec 06 2023

Sabri Suby wrote one Masterpiece here, and I actually wouldn´t like people to read it, because they would become my direct competitor, and with this book… a good one. I´m the owner of a marketing agency in Germany and it was really easy to read this book in English, amazing value for such a low price.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this will change everything. I´m glad I found this book!


| Dec 06 2023

Great book! Thank you very much.


| Dec 06 2023

Would love to get this book again! Had one copy and read it before giving to my mentees and now i’m craving to re-read it!

Crazy good

| Dec 06 2023

This is one of the books for marketers that has not gold but dimonds inside, so good

So insanely good

| Dec 05 2023

I'm on my second read of this book and I already know there will be a third. The entire time I was waiting on him to turn it into a sale or something, but he never did. Just straight sales gold and wisdom – concepts that I'd never pick up on my own and honest ways to connect with people in such a crazy world.

Much love Sabri, keep it up my friend! 🙌

I fell for it…

| Dec 05 2023

…and it was totally worth it!

I got this book for $2 through a sales funnel starting on a YouTube ad.

I never watch those. It was vastly different and more engaging than every other “how to make a gazzilion dollars” YouTube ad. I watched the whole f**king thing!

Finding out Sabri is a shark on Shark Tank certainly didn’t hurt his credibility

The book itself is written in easily digestible language and big font so you don’t get bogged down.

Right from the word go, it doesn’t waste time. The very first exercise (the 80/20 rule and focusing your time) alone has helped me immensely.

You can see the book teaching the exact same techniques that worked on getting myself to order this, going from being sceptic AF to actually buying an upsell product.

I’m a brand new business, in the live entertainment sector. I have only 6 weeks until my first (small) event. My biggest fear is ‘how do I sell it out’ and this book has helped me lay the framework to my marketing plan, and taken a lot of unnecessary stress off my shoulders.

I’m now way more excited than I am fearful.

Do yourself a favour.

Buy it.