Graeme Cox

Sabri Suby | Nov 18 2022

WARNING Dont use these guys!!
They take your money up front and dont deliver.
All sales hype and no substance. Dodgy fraudsters.

Louise FitzRoy

Sabri Suby | Nov 10 2022

I have been able to reach hundreds more potential clients who can now enjoy the benefits of the From Paddock to Plate school resources, thanks to the solid team effort from Yaser, Liz, Ena and Tyce.

ross mclelland

Sabri Suby | Nov 02 2022

KKs work and creativity is very good and we highly recommend them. Yaser, James and Ena are all great and easy to work with .

Un4seen Decals

Sabri Suby | Oct 28 2022

We have been working with King Kong for around 3 months now! Very professional company, extremely knowledgeable in this space, They have our best interests at heart, we are pumpt to be working together.

Marcus Pearce

Sabri Suby | Oct 25 2022

Loving my time with King Kong 🙂 Yaser, Joyce, Reshan and the team are incredibly detailed (aka caring) and don’t let anything fall through to the keeper. I’ve worked with a few agencies over my time, and KK are streets ahead of them. 🙌

Mohamed Mayat

Sabri Suby | Oct 20 2022

Been working with KK for just a tad over 3 months. Experience thus a far has nothing short of pure professionalism, demonstration of immense industry knowledge and very easy to work with. The team assigned to our account has been helpful and regularly in touch to provide updates. They are willing to listen but also proactive in getting learn about client needs. Couldn’t be happier.

Peter Florides

Sabri Suby | Oct 19 2022

King Kong have been a great company to deal with! Dave answered all my questions and gave me honest advice on how to move forward with my business. I Highly recommended King Kong to anyone looking to take that next step.

Jordan Cameron

Sabri Suby | Oct 18 2022

Promised the world but under delivered. Counting down the days to my 6 month contract ends. Must be down about 25k in fees so far to King Kong plus additional ad spend. Raised multiple issues with the staff and I am told to wait as it will get better after 90 days of data. 90 days has been and gone, now my absolutely useless account manager Neha has gone and been replaced (thank God), no faith the new guy can fix it, but if he can will update my review in two months. I can see the system has merit, however we have yet to make a sale from their “selling system” to my knowledge. No guarantees, they do nothing to fix it, I actually feel embarrassed for the owner Saubri for plastering his name all over it. Emails sent promise 30-40 booked appointments per week after 48 hours of turning it on. We are lucky if we get 2-3, of which all are unqualified, don’t answer calls etc. The expectations were set extremely high by Saubri, I read his book, followed his process, paid him thousands and was deliver nothing. If you are reading this, then don’t buy into it.

Grace Monahan

Sabri Suby | Oct 17 2022

Just starting out in their Quantum Growth program and usually I would wait a bit before writing a review, but honestly I have already had such a wonderful experience that I can’t help myself. Saad has been absolutely wonderful from first contact through the sales process and really went the extra mile, taking calls in the evening to accommodate our time difference(we are in Germany). He has made such a positive impression, and I hope one day soon to hire sales people for my own company who are on his level, making every client feel special and taken care of throughout the sales cycle. Looking forward to the program, let’s do this !