Chioma Nkamuo

| Aug 20 2023

BOOK TITLE: Sell Like Crazy (How to get as many clients, customers and sales as you can possibly handle)

AUTHOR: Sabri Suby


GENRE: Self-Help


If you want to be a billionaire, you need to think like a billionaire~ Sabri Suby.

By billionaire he meant a self-made billionaire who earned it by working hard. For you to also think like a self-made billionaire you have to understand that there are choices in life and in business. Most business owners focus their energy on little chores which are things that keep you busy but does make you any money or even worse you lose your money.

He said business owners should focus their energy on highly leveraged activities which produce bulk of the revenue for their business. The fate of your business lies not just in having the best product or service but in your ability to market your products or services.

Emphasis on the need to invest most of your time, attention and energy in revenue producing activities or the activity of selling as an effective entrepreneur. There are five major functions of business which are product development, customer service, accounting, operations, and marketing.

I highlighted this very line in the book because it stood out for me which is Put In The Work Every Day. Do something you don’t want to do first thing every morning. Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable and push past the mediocre, the laziness, and the fear. Forge your work ethic and exercise it like a muscle to strengthen it. Build it. Be relentless in your approach towards success.

According to the author, no matter what business you’re in and no matter what you’re selling, your pursuit for wealth and success will always and forever be served by your ability to craft a killer sales pitch. He went further by saying Investing in advertising that attracts high-value prospects and then converts that traffic into bonafide sales and clients is the smartest, most lucrative investment you’ll ever make. In completey agree with him on this because for any business to thrive it really needs to invest in advertising its products.

He talked about the four ways to get customers to buy from you as a business owner which are in the phase one stage and they are:

~ Attracts
~ Educates
~ Nurtures
~ Gets prospects to act!

Also, the Halo Strategy has to do with getting to know your prospects mind by their passion, dreams, fears, and desires which help to know how better to sell to them your products.
He mentioned ways to get your dream buyer to buy from you and how to approach their needs that is not so common.

In phase two he described the unsuspecting way to outsell the most ferocious competition in your marketplace, even when their marketing is brilliant, their budget is huge, and their products and services are half the price of yours. I was wowed when I read this particular line of the book which says when it comes to making sales, long-form copy will beat short-form copy every single time. He didn’t forget to mention the only reason why people would spend much time reading long copy is that it has to be entertaining and engaging.

Phase three, the author discussed how to capture leads and get their contact details.

Phase four, he talked about the God Father Strategy which is powerful, most effective, and profit-generating strategy.

Phase five explained how to genrate traffic for your business through various social media platforms in order to meet your dream buyer. Now because this was my favorite chapter of the book, I decided to share his anatomy of a high converting Facebook Ad which are:

~ The Intro Text
~ The Ad Image
~ The Link Headline
~ The Link Description
~ The Call To Action Button
~ The Display URL

Phase six is about the Magic Lantern Technique and to use practically.

Phase seven is about sales conversion and how to go about it.

Phase eight is where you automate and multiply through email as he termed it and that most business owners ignore email marketing and end up not making much sales as expected.

For me the book achieved its purpose because it enlightened me so much about strategies for a thriving business, and I highly recommend it to business owners, upcoming entrepreneurs.


| Aug 06 2023

Bloody brilliant, really underrated.

Slava Drozd

| Apr 04 2023

Felt a bit like a manual to “How to Clickbait”, and at times a bit cheap[ish] and not really trustworthy (you read a thousand books on psychology, Sabri? really?). The methods in the book would probably work in a “one sale is all I need with this customer” – bargain not relationship building – but I doubt it’ll work well in a b2b corporate setting, where long-term relationship is a king. I found the book entertaining though and for that – kudos to the author!


| Feb 02 2023

Rethink sales

Jānis Kreilis

| Sep 17 2022

The theory in the book is nothing new – but, unlike a lot of other marketing books, here you find a complete system down to the very details you can start implementing right away. I would have loved to have a bit more focus on SaaS sales and maybe a bit less of the “used car salesperson” vibe every now and then, but overall, if you want to start with inbound marketing and want a good first guide, this is definitely a good start.


| Aug 25 2022

Well-written, straight-to-the-point on how to sell anything to someone from those ready to buy to the larger skeptical group of people in zombie state and don’t realize what their problems are. A must-read for every business owner slaves who does it wrong by working themselves to death and desperate to make a sale. I am looking forward to putting everything into action in my business. I also got the 7 Reports and it’s gold! Thanks Sabri!

Simionca Jeican Darius

| Mar 06 2022

This book has a lot of brilliant content in it, but it isn’t quite a pleasure read cause of the big and farfetch words the author is using in order to convince you that he is some sort of God.

Jamie Arcykiewicz

| Feb 17 2022

I find myself going back to my sticky notes in this book. GREAT book on how to maximize advertising (paid) and to increase lead gen through SEO. Great book for any sales positions!


| Feb 14 2022

If you are new to online marketing and building conversion funnels to take a cold prospect to raving customer – then this book is great with brilliant foundational principles which are proven over history on what you need to do to make online marketing work best – and worthy of higher star rating than I gave it

But if you are familiar or advanced with online marketing like me, then this is still a good reminder and recap of what we must all be doing and sometimes forget with all the noise and shiny new things we can implement on our online marketing – but the never changing fundamentals and strategy are all covered well in this book (I actually found the authors book funnel / marketing to sell this book a great education in itself – now having consumed the info and what was being sold – I find that s’elling’ even more impressive) – a worthy read even for experienced marketers to whom I’d recommend buying the book directly from the author to even appreciate a better education through his copy/swipe you can take inspiration from.

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Emmanuel Massawe

| Feb 10 2022


– The book is perfectly written even to a layman can understand it

-I recommend this Book to all young people who are inspired to build their business with a massive success

I gave this rate because the Book has completely transform my mindset towards business