Chioma Nkamuo

| Aug 20 2023

This book really opened my eyes to a whole lot about business and the role of marketing and advertising as a business owner.

It also enlightened me on strategies to take for a thriving business.


| Feb 02 2023

Rethink sales

Simionca Jeican Darius

| Mar 06 2022

This book has a lot of brilliant content in it, but it isn’t quite a pleasure read cause of the big and farfetch words the author is using in order to convince you that he is some sort of God.

Jamie Arcykiewicz

| Feb 17 2022

I find myself going back to my sticky notes in this book. GREAT book on how to maximize advertising (paid) and to increase lead gen through SEO. Great book for any sales positions!

Emmanuel Massawe

| Feb 10 2022


– The book is perfectly written even to a layman can understand it

-I recommend this Book to all young people who are inspired to build their business with a massive success

I gave this rate because the Book has completely transform my mindset towards business

Matthew Alquisada-Mansoori

| Jan 19 2022

Very valuable insights, but some parts are a bit messy. Reading the first 50 pages didn’t give me the best first impression, although the value of the book appears in the following chapters.


| Oct 16 2021

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Avi Ujawane

| Oct 12 2021

A action oriented book with awsome inputs over new age marketing through digital startegies.
It all talks about sales and how an entrepreneur should focus and do it.