Sell Like crazy

| Sep 30 2023

Incredibly informative. Clear steps and easy to process the information.

I was Skeptical but it’s working

| Sep 30 2023

I ‘bought’ the book for $2, definitely skeptical. I changed my ad on Facebook and went from crickets to several enquires a day. I was really nervous using the technique as it’s not my style BUT thought I’d give it a go. And it’s working. So it seems he knows what he’s talking about.

Sell like crazy

| Sep 30 2023

Highly entertaining marketer, book worth twice what they are charging.


| Sep 29 2023

No, seriously. This book is like lime juice in the eyes of all the things you have in your head that are keeping you away from EXPLOSIVE business. Paired with the fact that Sabri and his team are just GENUINELY good people and are here to help you succeed JUST like they have. I love the man so much. Literally dying to work with him.


| Sep 28 2023

Fantastic book and would recommend it to anyone, it’s a lot more detailed than I expected but definitely worth reading