The Best Marketing Book

| Apr 13 2024

Truly amazing book, while I was reading, I was also applying the stuff there. Learned so much from. Tbh I am surprised that Sabri gives this book for free, absolutely crazy. Learned so much out of it. Really liked how action based the book is. It's not general fluff, but solid applicable advice. Highly recommend it!!!

A Marketing Masterpiece!

| Apr 13 2024

I've been a marketing professional for years and this book has made me rethink everything I've been doing… in the BEST way! I would leave 10 stars if I could. Thank you Sabri!

Perfect Timing

| Apr 12 2024

I’m in the process of doing a complete overhaul of my marketing and I’m so glad I’m reading this book. It’ll allow me to guide my marketing agency in the right direction.

Top notch practical hands on guide

| Apr 11 2024

One one the best, most practical and actionable books on contemporary internet sales and marketing built on the solid foundation of the history of sales and direct marketing souped up to penetrated all the noise generated by the modern internet. The Alex Hormozi of Austraila. And I don’t make that comparison lightly. Both men are phenoms in the field.

Very practical advice

| Apr 10 2024

Loved the book. It has very practical advice, starting from the mindset (which is foundational), to customer journey, landing pages and email copy. A thorough and documented approach to digital sales.


| Apr 10 2024