Great book!

| Apr 30 2023

Delivered sooner than expected in perfect care. Thank you.

Great for staff

| Mar 07 2023

This is where staff and customer service need to put the customer first and resolve issues immediately

Well-Written and Sure to Add value

| Oct 30 2022

This author knows the philosophy of marketing and communicates it brilliantly. A book any sales person or entrepreneur needs to read.

Great read

| Oct 23 2022

This book does a great job at helping others understand the intricacies of marketing and building profitable businesses. Sabri, the author, is a great coach and it is easy to follow along. I truly gained a lot of insight from reading this book

Shocked that the reviews are so high for this book.

| Sep 03 2022

This is the most basic sales plan ever. Overpriced book that took and extremely long time to get to me.
One thing he doesn’t cover is when you write a really good sales cover, you need to fill the expectation you are giving for the product.
I had a huge expectation for this book because of the ad, and It was a total let down.

Good but nothing new

| Aug 28 2022

A lot of Sabri’s ‘ hard won experience ’ seems to me to be borrowed from other people. That doesn’t make it less valid but does make it feel more like a summary than anything new or revolutionary. And I was left wondering how much of it he actually used himself.
Having said that I did read it all and parts of it were good
Plus I did get inspired ( or re-inspired) to pick up some old marketing projects I had put off.
So it was worth it for that alone.
So overall… worth reading but you may have heard a lot of it before… which isn’t always a bad thing

Overhyped – but I suppose that’s the point

| Aug 25 2022

The way this book was Marketed made me expect a lot more than was delivered. If you are new to business or Marketing – this is probably a great book for you.

If you are an advanced Marketer looking to improve the effectiveness of your approach, this is a new spin on basic principles.

While the book itself was a bit of a let down for me, the Marketing of the book was amazingly well done. So, if nothing else there is a lesson there for using the basics taught here to sell your services.

In short, this isn’t a bad book. It’s just that my expectations were set to see a new approach of some sort, which I did not find.