Local SEO: What It Means for Your Business

Local SEO is the process of search engine optimisation that makes it more likely that someone searching online for a place of business in a suburb close to them will get served a page from your site or have information delivered to them about your business in other ways. This increases the chances of getting a marketing lead or a sale, dramatically increasing conversions without much effort.

Reasons to Invest in Local SEO

Consider the last time you went searching online for a place to eat near you. You probably remember the insert of a Google map with push pins indicating choices that matched your search. Ideally, your business would be one of those listings when others search online for any service provider near them that matches your profile, if you invest in local SEO. That’s just one benefit of implementing local search engine optimisation, however, there are more. With local SEO, your business can be ranked against other competitors for location-based searches in the organic listings. This powerful approach lets you see where you stand compared to 20, 50, or even 200 different neighborhood listings. It’s up to you, which suburbs you want to list highly in or not.

Are Conversions Really Higher?

Yes. Using keywords that are more specific for a location, you can target customers who want to find a business in their area. It can be the difference between a keyword like ‘electrician’ and another like ‘electrician Sydney.’ People searching on generic keywords may be doing research, looking for a job, or just being curious. They’re not necessarily in buying mode. However, someone who adds a location to their keyword search will usually be looking for someone to deliver a service in their area. That means that they’re ready to purchase, which increases your conversions.

Ways You Can Benefit from Local Search Engine Optimisation

Thus, the two main ways you can benefit from local search engine optimisation are: 1. Listing in Google Places – Once you are listed in Google Places, your business will appear in the Google map insert for local searches, showing up along with the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 2. Local Search Engine Optimisation for Web Pages – Attract more attention to your local offerings by creating suburb-focused web pages. Then, use local SEO to get them ranked at the top of the listings. Find out more ways you can maximise your conversions and traffic by implementing local search engine optimisation in your marketing plans.