Want to share an image? There is an app for that. Want to check your stocks? There is an app for that too. Want to find a dog sitter or hitch a ride? Yep, there are apps for that too.

The average person under the age of 65 is glued to their smartphone and statistics show that over 94% of owners would feel nervous or panicky without being able to access their phone for a day.

Mobile devices are changing the way the world does business which means that the way people access content and conduct commerce is also changing.

In fact it has been estimated that most websites receive their highest traffic from mobile and tablet devices and if you are not maximising these statistics, chances are you are missing out on staying relevant and making sales.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest on Mobiles and Business here are 7 tactics you must follow-

1. Have a Mobile Friendly Website

It goes without saying but having a mobile friendly website is crucial if you want the millions of people using smartphones to be able to access your site. Also keep in mind that you want to make your e-commerce store check-out mobile friendly too, so smartphone users can also quickly and efficiently purchase products from your site as well.

Mobile friendly sites are also being given ranking preferences by Google’s latest algorithm, so all the more reason to make sure your site has an efficient mobile page.


2. Smartphone Security

If your employees are using their own devices in the work place it is imperative that you start encrypting or securing confidential documents. With so many people checking their emails and downloading documents out of business hours, it is in your best intentions to ensure that your files are kept private. You may even want to have your employees sign some documents or have a security expert set up some security measures.

3. Create an App

The app industry is huge and is growing more and more each day however, if you have a strong following and regular customers it may be worthwhile to invest in creating an app, especially if your desktop webpage is difficult to convert into an efficient mobile site.

Having an app also allows you to make supplemental income either through charging for the app or running sponsored advertising.

App marketing is a huge industry and with more and more people using mobile devices, you can definitely work on making your app a profitable venture.

4. Mobile SEO

Studies have found that users are more likely to search for questions when browsing the internet on their phone. For example questions such as, “Where do I find a good plumber?” or “What is the best Italian restaurant near me?” have consistently ranked on mobile search sites as being some of the most common phrases.

You can use this to your advantage by ensuring that your mobile site keywords include these terms and also offer information such as locations and directions, contact details and reviews.

5. Mobile Wallet

As services like ApplePay and Google Wallet become more popular, it may be time to consider updating your merchant processing to also include these types of accounts. If you want to get really tech-savvy perhaps even consider accepting bitcoins.

If you have an app you can also allow customers to create an account that stores their credit card information, making it easier for them to checkout and purchase.

Studies have also shown that when consumers don’t have to enter their details time and time again they are also more likely to purchase more and more frequently. This has been proven on sites such as Amazon that allow customers to make one click purchases.

6. Mobile Friendly Tickets and Coupons

If your company issues tickets, booking receipts or coupons it is important to offer them in a format that is mobile-friendly so customers don’t have to print them out.

Many companies have also started offering customers the option of getting their bills, receipts and statements emailed in order to cut costs, reduce environmental waste and make it easier for everyone.

Having scannable coupons that customers can download is also a great way to bring them into your brick and mortar store as it takes the hassle out of having to print and cut coupons.

7. Keep up to date

By 2016 it has been estimated that there will be more mobile phones in the world than people. This year alone, mobile commerce is also expected to grow by 60%.

With the world of mobile connectivity changing so rapidly it is important that your business stays up to date and ahead of the game. This means that your marketing team should be spending time learning about the latest research and opportunities that mobile devices can offer as well as looking at new ways to maximise smartphone commerce.

Is your business mobile ready? If not, speak with us today.