Is your Landing Page struggling to convert?

Landing pages are designed to reflect the ultimate objective and purpose of your brand, this is why they are crucial in the process of obtaining a sale.

The landing page is one of the early stages in the sales funnel and needs to engage customers instantly in order for them to continue.

There are many things that make Landing pages successful and then there are also factors that make them engineered to loose money.

Here are 6 of the biggest landing page mistakes that could be costing your business:

1.) No Clear Objective 

There should be one main objective for your sales page- not five, not four, not even two. Just One. Think about the most desirable action for your customers to take, such as ordering an information packet, and then centre your Landing Page around that factor.

You can definitely have a secondary objective such as collecting an email address, but focus on your main objective first.

When you have multiple objectives for your Landing Page, it potentially confuses customers and leads to a lower conversion rate.

Studies have also shown that when you give customers too many choices they end up avoiding making any action at all. Keep your objective simple and transparent and see how it boosts your conversions.

2.) A Weak CTA

Once you have established your main objective, it is important to create a strong call to action that actually inspires your customers to take action. Here are the main points in making your Call to Actions or CTA’s strong and conversion-friendly:

– Colour: Does the colour of your CTA button stand out from the rest of the content on your page? Pick a contrasting colour that is different from the other content on your website to make your CTA button stand out and draw your customers attention. Colour also plays a role psychologically, so think a little deeper about what colour you want to represent your brand.

– Placement: Traditionally, the most effective placement for a CTA button is before the fold and in the top right hand corner. You may have to test the placement depending on your product and demographic.

– Inspiration: Does your CTA inspire taking an action? Try to keep your CTA verb friendly and centred around your audience. For example, instead of saying “Download the Ebook” try “Download your Ebook”.  Again, this may be another factor that you will want to test depending on your demographic and product or service.

3.) Not Explaining What You Do

Aside from making your objective clear, you also need to explain what your company does and how your company’s services can benefit your customers.

Try to summarise what your company does into one clear, attention grabbing headline. Make sure the headline easily explains what your company can offer. Then in the sub heading, explain what the benefits of your company and its services. Remember to keep both of these pieces of content short, sweet and to the point.

Besides the headings, you also need to easily and quickly communicate the type of services that your company offers and what the advantages of the products and services are.

Here are a few questions that can help you come up with some effective content-

– Why does your business exist?

– What difference do you hope to make in the lives of your customers?

– What does your business believe in? What don’t you believe in?

– How do you want the customer to feel?

– Who are your most ideal customers and who are your not your ideal customers?

– How are you different from your competitors?

Answering some of these questions can help you come up with content that can effectively highlight to your customers where your business stands and what type of services they can expect to get from you.


4.) Typography that is Hard to Read

Another common pitfall of landing pages is having typography that is hard to read and does not accurately reflect the overall feel and style of your business.

Think about what type of message you want to convey to your customer and then think about which typography reflects your vision and voice.

For example, a landing page that is all in capital letters instantly reflects bold and loud whereas italic style fonts represent subtle and an ‘after-thought’.

Above all however, your typography should be easy to read on both desktops and smart devices.

5.) A Lack of Imagery 

Having images on your landing page help to inspire action and creates interest. Studies have found that people smiling, especially women smiling, helps to create a feeling of trust.

Images that are pointed or centred around the CTA also help to draw attention to it and can inspire customers to take action.

Think about what products and services your company is offering and the feeling you want to evoke in your customers. Then choose images that help to support the feeling and stir up your customers emotions.

For example, if you are selling baby products including images of smiling babies, grandparents with babies and other nostalgic memories can help generate emotion and help your customers feel compelled to make a sale or purchase.

6.) No Social Proof

Social proof or testimonials is a sure way to help instantly develop trust and a connection with your audience. When customers know that other people have benefited from your products and services they instantly want to join in too and are more likely to take action.

Due to the fact that social media is also hugely popular, having some social proof, whether it be tweets or Instagram photos can definitely help to peak your customers curiosity and get them engaged in what you are offering.

Think of social proof as the modern day “word of mouth” marketing. It has a lot of power and can be extremely effective if used the right way.

One thing to note about social proof is that it can act as a distraction, especially if you are redirecting your customers to external social media sites.

Also, when it comes to testimonials, try to include some that offer information about your products and services as well as ones that highlight the benefits your customers experienced. Try to avoid using vague testimonials, or very long testimonials on your landing page.

Studies have also found that including customer images on the testimonials section of your landing page can also help to boost conversions.

Creating an effective landing page that can help generate your company the maximum number of conversions takes trial, error and patience however, following these tips can help you quickly, easily and effectively understand what may be costing your business time and money.