Wouldn’t it be great to boost the volume of traffic to your website without spending a cent?

Building good quality traffic for free is definitely not impossible, all it takes is a little time and TLC.

Here are 5 ways to boost organic traffic (for free!):

1.) Email List:

We have spoken about the importance of collecting emails before but did you know that it is one of the most consistent forms of website traffic?

This is because you know exactly how many users are receiving your content and you can track how many people open it, read it and then click through.

Your email list traffic is also some of your most engaged traffic. Think about it- at some point your site engaged them so much that they decided to enter their email to keep up to date with what you have to say. Don’t underestimate the power of that.

Because your email subscribers are highly engaged, they are also one of the best target groups to promote your products and services.

2.) Write Detailed Content:

When you write detailed content you can get your site ranked for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are not as competitive as short tail keywords which helps to improve your site ranking and increase organic traffic.

Long tail keywords are around 3-5 words long whereas short tail are 1-2 words long.

A good length post is anywhere between 800-5000 words. It may seem like a lot, but studies have shown that longer and more detailed posts consistently rank higher in search results.

Even though ranking for long tail keywords can help boost your organic traffic, you also need to pay attention to your demographic. Take a site like BuzzFeed for example, they receive millions of hits per day and have very little written content. Instead they use images and .gifs to attract their audience.

Think about what will work for your business and then test out your strategy accordingly.


3.) Build Fans

Fans are the most loyal customers you will ever get. Just think about the lengths that fans go to see their favourite band play or their favourite movie star.

While your website may not earn a rock star status, you can build up a loyal following of fans that love and respect your product or brand.

Every company can have fans and creating fans all starts with showing that you care and are there for your customers and clients.

Whenever your readers comment, tag or tweet one of your articles or posts, always take the time and effort to respond and answer their questions. Even if they don’t turn into a paying customer, you would have snagged a fan for life and word of mouth is just as powerful.

Creating fans can take time but it is not as involved as it sounds. Social media is a great place to start as is running promotions and competitions. Offering free products is also a great way to get people excited.

You may not make every fan a paying customer, but their loyalty and positive attitude about your products or service pays for itself.

4.) Post Frequency:

Increasing your content, increases your traffic. It makes sense and the numbers add up too. One site found that when they increased posting content from one day a week to two, their organic site traffic nearly doubled. Other studies have also found that posting 3-5 times a week works best.

Again, it will really come down to your business and brand and what type of services your company offers but if you don’t have a blog, perhaps it is time to start one.

Blogs are one of the best ways to indirectly market to your customers. It instantly makes you an authority and potential customers can understand your voice, your wisdom and what you have to offer. Blogs are also fairly easy to manage and can definitely help boost your organic traffic.

5.) Cross Promote:

Teaming up with other businesses to cross promote your products, services and content can be a great way to boost your traffic and reach a whole new target audience.

Most website owners are thrilled to collaborate with a like-minded company as they also know the value of having their services and content promoted on other platforms.

Search engine rankings also like cross promotion too. The more times your site or content is linked on other sites, the higher your ranking.

Cross promotion is simple too- all you have to do is reach out to a similar website or company and get the conversation started. It also doesn’t even have to cost you anything if you work out a way to ensure that both of you receive mutual benefits.

Traffic does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, organic traffic can often bring you some of your most engaged and loyal followers. Keep building your site and producing good quality content and eventually you will see the rewards!