Converting your website into a selling machine doesn’t  have to be as time consuming as you think, in fact we have constructed a list of 40 quick and easy CRO tips, tricks and questions that you can put together in no time at all.

40 Quick and Easy CRO Tips:

1. What are your three most important value propositions? Ensure that they are obvious on your landing pages.

2. Do you have one main call to action per page? If not, consider moving them to create more of a targeted experience.

3. Have you tested adding social proof to your website such as testimonials, reviews, statistics or other relevant awards?

4. How can you make your landing page more specific? Eliminating noise and distractions can make your call to action easier to find.

5. Consider updating your images to a higher resolution in order to showcase them better and to look more professional.

6. Have you tested your call to action on the right side vs. the left side of the page?

7. Narrow down your product options to make it easier for customers to decide which one to purchase. Remember choice is a good thing, but too many choices can lead to abandoned shopping carts.

8. Is your typography clear and easy to read? Does the colour of your font represent your brand and stand out?

9. If you need to include a privacy policy or a terms and conditions section, keep it short and sweet. Don’t scare away customers with heavy jargon and long paragraphs.

10. Purchasing is an emotional experience, what emotions does your page evoke? How could you create more excitement around your page?

11. Are you selling features or solutions? Customers want to feel that your product will enhance their lives in some way. Change your copy to include more of the “why” than the “what”.

12. Have you tested a lead generation pop up or exit pop up window? If so, have you experimented with offering a free ebook, discount or coupon code?

13. Have you split tested the layout of your page? Sometimes swapping sidebars, menus and navigation bars can help increase conversions.

14. Include a Thank You page after receiving a sale. This allows customers to feel respected and it helps them to remember your business. Perhaps also consider offering a return visit discount, free gift or coupon code.

15. Is your pricing page optimised so customers know exactly what they are spending and receiving? Be upfront and clear about your prices from the beginning.

16. Do your key call to actions and search terms match throughout your sales funnel?

17. Do your landing page headlines match the same words used on your pay per click or other social media campaigns?

18. Try testing a variety of content options from infographics, to videos, slides and blogs.

19. Select testimonials that support your products and your brands mission and values.

20. Have you tested the colours of the buttons on your site? Studies have found that green, blue and orange seem to work the best.

21. Hypothesis and then test, don’t assume what worked for someone else is going to work for your business.

22. Do you understand your target audience and their needs? Does your landing page reflect offering those needs to your customers?

23. Does your sales funnel demand too much of your customers time, attention or money too early on? Ease back and sell your customers first before you ask for anything.

24. Is your content off topic, confusing or unreflective of your brand or personality? Aim to keep your content relevant, of value and informative for your audience.

25. Speeding up your site has been shown to increase conversion rates- what things can you do to decrease site load time?

26. Simple A/B tests can help you increase conversions by 10 percent or more, ensure that you test everything on your landing page and keep testing it to keep it updated and fresh.

27. Avoid long paragraphs and long-winded descriptions, keep your copy straight to the point and scannable.

28. Pictures and images can often showcase a lot more than text, look for areas that images may replace text.

29. Ask questions- studies have found that asking a question can yield a higher click through rate.

30. Write your copy in the second person so it reads as “You” not “We.” This helps create a sense of personalisation.

31. Reduce the number of steps that your customer has to move through to obtaining your product.

32. Consider adding contact details or a live chat to your site to make customers feel at ease in being able to connect with you and ask questions.

33. Don’t be afraid to name drop- associating your brand with other well known brands is a great way to build trust.

34. Videos have been shown to help increase engagement and conversions, consider adding one to your landing page.

35. Review your checkout process- is it easy to follow? Does it let customers know where they are at? Does it reassure them that their information is safe? Experiment with a 2-4 step process to see which one converts the best.

36. Consider reducing your free trial to 14 days instead of 30, studies have found that offering less time helped to increase conversion rates for the paid subscriptions.

37. Get feedback from your customers, this is one of the best ways to test what your audience really wants and what they are looking for.

38. Review what users are searching for on your site and use the queries as a guide on where you can improve your site layout and navigation.

39. Follow the 80-20 rule: 20% of your design elements can induce 80% of your conversions. Focus on the 20%.

40. Improve the quality of your traffic- to really test your CRO it helps to have good quality traffic that is targeted to your products or service.

Optimising your site does not have to be a daunting task. In fact, we are here to help. Why not contact us today and see how we can boost your conversions for you.