You’ve spent months, maybe even years tweaking your website, driving traffic and optimising your landing page only to have your customers abandon ship before they even reach the checkout page.

If this is the case, you are not alone.

An average of just 5.31% make it to the cart and even less actually checkout and complete the transaction.

All hope however, is not lost thanks to Exit-Intent Pop-Ups that grab your visitors attention and entice them to make an action before they abandon your website.

In fact, Exit-Intent technology has been growing rapidly and even though it is an emerging field, sites that have used it claim to have seen drastic improvements to their conversion rate.

Currently, Exit-Intent technology is able to detect a users mouse movements and velocity to determine when a visitor is about to abandon a website.

If the predictive algorithm is triggered, an attention grabbing call to action overlay or pop-up is displayed that aims to collect their details and/or hopefully entice them to return to the site, usually through offering a coupon of some kind.

Yes, pop-ups are synonymous with being annoying, however here are 4 great reasons to install one on your website:

1. Double your Sales


When a visitor leaves your site, especially after they have placed items into their shopping cart, chances are they are indifferent about their purchase or have a hard time justifying the amount they will need to spend.

Whatever the reason, sometimes giving them a nudge in the right direction is all it takes to make them finish making their purchase.

An exit-intent pop up offers just that- a final nudge that may convince them to make the sale. Some of the highest converting exit pop ups include offering a coupon or discount of some kind, as lowering the price is often equivalent to lowering any associated risk.


2. A Distraction Free Call to Action

Consumers are inundated with choices online and time and time again studies have shown that the more choices you give consumers, the less likely they are to buy.

Exit overlays or pop-ups truly offer a distraction free opportunity for your customers. Just like a landing page has one goal, an exit pop-up also has one goal and can help keep your customers in the sales funnel.

They can also help you get a better understanding about what your customers are looking for and what they are willing to spend. For example, if you offer a coupon on your exit-pop up that converts well, then you know that your visitors are interested in your site and that they just need a little instigation such as a discount to purchase.

2. Maximises Traffic


It is no surprise that internet activity peaks mostly during 4-5pm- the time of day where most people are tired, looking to leave the office and are thinking about dinner.

During this time, online visitors are not only heavily distracted but they also struggle to make a decision. In fact, studies have shown that people are better at making actionable decisions in the morning rather than the afternoon or evening.

As a marketer or e-commerce store owner, this is an important statistic to observe as it can help you maximise your high traffic times and turn them into opportunities.

One of those opportunities is of course, an exit-pop up. An exit pop up will help sway your customers to make a decision either way and will hopefully entice them to stay with it and finish their purchase.

Remember, your exit pop up needs to compel your visitors to stay by making something easier for them. Whether this is a discount, free shipping or a free consult, making the process easier can definitely help increase conversions, especially in the late hours of the afternoon.

3. Pattern Interrupt


In neuro-linguisitc programming there is a technique called ‘pattern-interrupt’.

This technique has been used by salespeople for years and basically it involves doing something unexpected that disrupts the prospect from their normal pattern.

An exit-intent popup offers the same distraction- it gets users to stop what they are doing and think about what they are going to do next. Basically, your exit-pop up engages your unengaged visitors and hopefully challenges them to stay on and continue with their purchase.

4. List Building


Exit-intent popups not only give you another opportunity to make sale, they also give you the opportunity to build your email list.

Everyone knows the advantages of having a potential customer on an email list, however a bonus here is that most exit-intent technologies will collect information about what type of products each customer moved into their cart.

When you know what your customers are buying, you can not only re-target them but you can also offer them incentives and deals for when the items they selected are on sale.

This helps to maximise your conversions and personalises the emails that you send them as well. It also helps you to get a better understanding of what products your visitors are interested in.

Why not consider installing an exit-intent pop up on your site and see if it can help you boost your conversions.

Here is some more inspiration of exit intent popups done right: