After looking at analytics, studying your conversions and managing your sales it can be difficult to set aside time to freshen up your website.

While it is always important to be testing and trying out new things, sometimes the very thought of meddling with your site can definitely feel like a chore.

Updating your website however, not only helps you to keep things fresh and new but studies have also found that companies that regularly update their site have a higher conversion rate and create a stronger feeling of trust, as consumers know that someone is on the back-end managing things.

Of course, this is not about making huge, grandiose changes but rather small, clean ones that quickly point to your customers that you are paying attention to the smaller details and keeping things fresh.

In fact, these small clean changes can be done in a matter of 10 minutes or less and here are our favourite options:

1. Update Page Copy

Updating the copy on your page is a great way to keep things fresh. The good thing about updating your copy too is that it is not an invasive change that will confuse your customers.

Updating your copy is also a great way to trial out new ways of converting your customers and to tweak your brand, mission or product descriptions.

If you are looking to change your copy, here are some thoughtful suggestions:

  • See where your text is too heavy and see where you can summarise or make things cleaner or easier to read
  • Is your copy easy to skim through? If not, think about how you can make your copy more attention grabbing
  • Do your headlines motivate action or curiosity? If not, think of new ways to engage your readers
  • Think about the message you are trying to communicate and then ensure it is reflected in your words
  • Update your product descriptions to include more details or advanced features

2. Update Images

Updating your images is a great way to make your page visually appealing and to keep things fresh and inspiring. As more and more content is released on the internet as well, consumers are becoming far more visually stimulated and often infographics and images that tell a story can convert better.

Images are also one of those things that can easily be outdated due to new technology and trends, so keeping them updated is also a great way to notify your customers that you are actively paying attention to your website.

If you are looking to make some changes to the images on your web page, here are some suggestions that may help:

  • Keep your image files small and easy to load, especially if you have a responsive web page that is also opened on mobile devices
  • Keep your images updated and relevant for your demographic
  • Test different images such as infographics or even charts and tables to see if they can boost conversion rates
  • Try showcasing different angles of any products you offer to see if they convert better

3. Add a Social Feed

Adding a Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest feed to your website is a great way to not only update your page but also helps to create presence and authority in building your brand.

Adding a feed also allows you to build your social media following and directs users to being in constant contact with you. It also helps to establish credibility and social proof.

Just be mindful as to where you put your feed as you don’t want to distract customers from following through your sales funnel.

If you operate a Word Press site, adding a social media feed can be as easy as installing a plugin. Most social sites also have code that you can directly copy into your sidebar, meaning that the process can definitely be done in under ten minutes.

4. Repurpose Old Content

Do you have an old blog post that has done well in terms of traffic and conversions? Repurposing it is a great way to not only build traffic and momentum but can also be a time save in terms of updating your blog.

The trick with this strategy is to pick a post from a few months or even a year ago and then highlight the main points in a different way. By keeping the main points and then updating the rest, it can help to draw in existing and new customers without seeming like you are just recycling the same old points.

If you are thinking of repurposing some of your old content, here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Add new research, statistics etc. to existing posts
  • Change or update the keywords
  • Add a new CTA to the post or change the layout of where the CTA is introduced
  • Change the title of the post
  • Update the images
  • Update the metadata
  • Think of creative ways to offer a new spin on something old

Updating your website doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, with a few simple changes you can be well on your way to a fresh and inspiring webpage.