When you’re saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in a new one, it’s only natural to ponder and write about possible things happening in the coming New Year. Even if you’re not a prophet, it can be easy to spot the signs of big things happening for Internet marketing in 2015. There’s no doubt it will be an exciting year for those of us online!

In fact, it’s almost a given that if you are investing in online marketing, it’s very possible you’ll see some big wins in the next few months. This isn’t just a gut instinct, it’s based on facts. When looking at the statistical data, and charting it out, you can find your way into big gains in 2015 as well.

Easy Methods to Get Mobile Search Traffic and Optimize Your Efforts

It’s no longer a future prediction to assume that mobile marketing is due to explode, in terms of growth or revenue. It already has done so. Between the years of 2008 and 2013, mobile marketing had a CAGR of 129%.



Does this mean that it has reached its peak? If you’re looking for further growth, you needn’t be concerned. Trends show that mobile marketing is set to grow even more than it has in the past, leaving room for major gains in 2015.


Are you ready to cash in on this important trend? It’s not that hard to do. The first step is to have a fully responsive site. You’ll want to take Google’s mobile-friendly test to make sure your site qualifies to be listed in the mobile SERPs.


The second step is to make sure your checkout process is as optimized as possible for mobile devices. A fully responsive website can help you attract traffic, but to convert them you need a checkout process that is also optimized for mobile customers.

The last step is to make sure you get ranked highly for organic search results. This is particularly important for mobile marketers as the first positions get the most click-throughs on mobile platforms.


This three-step plan is sure to gain you extra mobile market share in 2015:

  1. Create a fully responsive website,
  2. Optimize your checkout for mobile devices,
  3. Work hard to get top ranking for the SERPs.

Target Millennials with Mobile Internet Marketing

You will find that Millennials are the biggest demographic to use mobile marketing when they do online searching for products or services. In fact, they prefer looking at their smartphones and tablets to walking into a brick-and-mortar store. If you want to do mobile marketing, remember that this is the largest segment of your online audience.



What do Millennials Buy Online?

This group will buy ANYTHING online. They love to buy clothing and accessories, with almost 40% of this group purchasing this item online. However, they will also buy books, toys, movie tickets, health and beauty products and almost anything you can think of and do so with full confidence online. This audience is receptive to online marketing offers and spend a great deal of time on social networks, listening to other people’s recommendations.


Online Revenues Will Climb in 2015

Australia’s online retail spending increased to $16.19 billion for the year to October 2014, or by 11.9% annually. It now represents around 6.8% of traditional retail spending. The share of domestic spending continues to edge higher, now controlling 75.2% of total online spending. They’ve climbed steadily every year in between as well and are set to continue to climb for many more years ahead. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in (although auto Internet marketing took a dip in 2013), ad revenues show that Internet marketing is a bull market for most industries out there. Now is the time to start investing in Internet marketing, even if you have not done so before.


Combine Online Marketing with Social Media for Top Results

Your existing customers tend to be your best source of revenue. How do you retain them while constantly increasing sales? How are their needs best served? These questions can be answered by combining your online marketing with social media practices that help you stay in touch on a personal level with your existing customers. With social networking being the #1 online activity that people engage, you want to be right there too, where all your potential customers are online.


Strive for Relationships, Not Conversations


A social network is not a bar. You’re not going there to find new people as much as you are to engage your existing customers on a more personal level. In this way, you are building a relationship, even if that relationship doesn’t immediately yield a click-through or conversion. The point of social networking is customer retention. If you’re trying to influence a purchase, include online branding activities on your website and blog to help drive customers to your online offers.


An App For Any Problem

If you’re not sure how to do something, you’re in luck. There’s probably an app out there that will do it for you. There are apps for data collecting, task optimization, SEO, local search marketing, and social media. Whatever your need, there is a tool out there to make your life as an Internet marketer easier. They can be a boon, but you have to be careful not to let the variety of tools overwhelm you. They can’t create online marketing strategies for you. You still have to develop your own plan.

A Plethora of Resources

The wide variety of tools and apps are great, but you also have a wide range of online resources now available to make your online marketing efforts easier. They have made things so easy, in fact, that you don’t even need an office to use them anymore. Here are four of these online resources:

Freelancers – There are so many people offering freelance services online, that even if they aren’t in your local area, you can find them online, whether it is a clothing designer or a web programmer you’re looking for to help you out.

Agencies – There are agencies that will do your content development or optimize your site. Some will even manage your social media activities.

Consultants – If you need an expert, hire a consultant. They can help fix things or take your business to a new level.

Information – The Internet is full of information from blogs, forums, webinars, and online video. You have a library of information right at your fingertips.

The Best Is to Come In 2015

All the trends point to a banner year in 2015, when it comes to Internet marketing. What do you think? Will your online business boom in 2015?