1.) Confidence

For a leader, being confident is about believing in what they are working towards and earning the respect and trust of those around them.

2.) Determination

Being focused and determined is a skill that all great leaders need to possess. As a leader you can’t be easily distracted or swayed by competitors, opinions and setbacks. A true leader needs to stay focused on the goal while still remaining open and flexible.

3.) Honesty

A leader needs to earn the trust of those around them through being honest and staying transparent. A leader that wears a mask can be difficult to work with, whereas a leader who opens up and is authentic is a lot easier to liaise with.

4.) Patience

A good leader needs to have patience, and lots of it. A leader is responsible for bringing many people, personalities and factors together and they need to have patience to see this process through.

5.) Positivity

A good leader is one that is always thinking on the bright side and is always focusing on the solutions instead of the problems. Things are always going to go wrong, but a good leader needs to have the mentality of always remaining optimistic.

6.) Integrity

Doing what is right by employees and customers is one of the most important rules of being a good leader. A leader that is just in it for themselves is never going to make an impact or earn the trust and respect of those around them. A good leader is all about bringing ideas and visions to life without compromising the wellbeing of others, animals or the planet.

7.) Passion

A good leader must be passionate about what they do in order to be truly successful. When a leader is passionate about what they are working on the effect is passed on to all other employees and coworkers.

8.) Flexibility

A good leader needs to be able to think on their toes and think outside the box. While following the rule book may be important some of the time, a good leader needs to be flexible enough to improvise and take initiative.

9.) Decisiveness

A good leader needs to be able to make decisions quickly and with confidence. There is nothing worse than having a leader that takes days or even weeks to decide on changes, upgrades and new projects. A good leader needs to understand the inner workings of the company so that they always know the best path moving forward.

10.) Personable

A good leader needs to be friendly and personable, this is especially true if they are expected to work with a big team. Having a leader you can talk to openly will always be good for business.

11.) Accountable

A good leader should always remain accountable for their decisions and actions. A poor leader will be quick to blame others, but a strong, reliable leader will always take responsibility and know how to make things right.

12.) Empowering

A good leader will learn how to empower those around them so they feel like their contribution matters. Rather than being controlling, a good leader trust the team around them and empower them to use their talents to the highest of their ability.