Believe it or not, email it is not a dying art in the world of marketing.

In fact, often it is a successful email campaign that can help you to make a positive ROI.

While emails are super effective, the trick is really in getting them opened. The average person receives hundreds of emails a day, which means that your email needs to stand out in order to get noticed.

This is where having an impressionable subject headline comes into play. Without a catchy subject title that instantly grabs your audiences attention and compels them to open your email, your campaign is pretty much doomed before it even begins.

The good news is that research has found that there are 10 key formulas when it comes to crafting email subject headlines that are almost guaranteed to get clicked open.

Curious? Here are the top 10 email subject headlines that are sure to impress:

#1 Peak Their Curiosity 

Example: Did you see what happened to this guys face? (VIDEO)

This technique is all about getting your audiences attention and creating some level of curiosity that compels your reader to click and open your email.

Think about what shock value you can create that will also stir a conversation and then craft your headline from there.

#2 Make a Prediction

Example: Google to buy Apple in 2016, here is how to profit

People loving hearing news first or getting an inside scoop or prediction. Using this strategy, you can compel your readers to click on your email and find out more.

This strategy also uses a bit of psychology as generally, people love being the first to know about a particular event or situation happening in the world as it gives them a sense of importance.

#3 Report News

Example: Tony Abbot to Increases Taxes by 30%

Newsworthy items, especially ones that are trending in the media are a great way to peak interest and get your emails opened. Just make sure that you can tie your headline into the body of your email in a way that makes sense and is relevant to your bramd.

#4 Quote a B.U.D.A

Example: Commonwealth Bank states “Australia’s Economy is Doomed”

B.U.D.A is a Big, Undeniable, Dominant Authority that holds a lot of clout and power. For example Amazon, Apple, banks and leading newspapers are all B.U.D.A’s.

Using quotes from B.U.D.A’s is a great way to not only peak the curiosity of your readers but also helps you to build authority and relevance as well.

To use this strategy effectively, find a quote that proves a point you are trying to make about your products or service and tie it in to the relevance of your email.

#5 Extend an Invitation 

Example: You are Invited to Our VIP Gala Event (Invitation Enclosed)

Exclusive invitations make your readers feel that they are special and are valued. It also helps them to feel excited about what you are offering. To use this strategy effectively, consider inviting your readers to a special online shopping event, retreat, webinar or seminar.

#6 Offer a free gift

Example: Free Lip Balm as Our Gift to You

Mention the word “free” and you are bound to get your email opened. Just make sure that whatever is inside the email is actually not misleading your readers otherwise you will get a lot of unsubscribers as well.

Offering a free item is not only exciting for readers but it also helps you to build trust and gain more leads.

#7 Flatter Your Readers

Example: Exclusive Offer for You, A Top CEO

Complimenting your readers and letting them know that they are part of a special group is also a good way to get your emails opened. Customers also love when you remember a small detail about them and this strategy helps to make it personal.

#8 Promise a Benefit

Example: Have the Skin of a 21 Year Old Again

This allows you to instantly convey to your readers what benefit is in it for them. When you clearly state the benefits, readers are not only more likely to open your email, but they are more likely to purchase from it as well.

This strategy is best used on emails that are directly selling or pitching a product as it is a powerful way to maximise the selling points of your product or service.

#9 Ask a Question

Example: Would You Sacrifice Everything For This?

People love to give their opinion and weigh in on the opinions of others. Asking a question instantly engages readers and makes them feel that they are part of discussion. Asking a question is also a great way to peak users curiosity and to get them reading further.

#10 Use Statistics 

Example: 5,123 people lost 10 Pounds Using this Trick

Email subjects that contain statistics help your readers to feel that they are not alone and that you are offering something that has been tested out by others. Statistics also help to back up any claims that you are making about your products or services and make your readers feel more comfortable in making a purchase.

These 10 formulas are a great place to start when it comes to creating a successful email campaign. Consider testing out a few or all of these strategies to see which ones work best for your business.