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Updated: 19th of April, 2024

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21st April, 2024
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Google SEO is an absolute must for any business. Search engine optimisation—with the end goal of getting your business on the first page Google—is a key factor in how to increase sales and drive engagement for your business.

But if you’ve ever wondered how to get higher on Google and improve your Google search ranking, we’re here to tell you—getting the right SEO online can be a challenge.

SEO is a tricky thing. What worked in SEO 2018 might not be the best SEO for 2024. Online marketing SEO is constantly evolving—and the strategies for how to rank on Google are constantly evolving, too. When Google changes their algorithm, it also changes how they rank websites—and the best ways to search engine optimize suddenly won’t work. The best SEO on websites last year might actually tank your Google website ranking this year—and the SEO best strategies of yesterday might not do anything to provide an SEO increase today. In a nutshell, how to rank on Google is kind of like the Wild, Wild West—and if you want your SEO on top, you need to be able to stay one step ahead of Google SEO.

So, what’s a business owner to do? How do you stay one step ahead of website marketing, web SEO, SEO work, and everything else you need to do to keep your website ranking on Google?

The key is understanding how to SEO today—and staying on top of the critical search engine optimization trends that will help your website climb the SERPs and drive more customers, more revenue, and more business for your company in 2024. This free report on the top 8 Critical SEO Trends will help you wrap your head around how to rank on Google in the upcoming year—and how to get customers in the process.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons you really need to understand your website and SEO—and how new, emerging trends affect SEO on websites—so you can rank on Google and take your business to the next level in the upcoming year:

SEO Strategies Are Constantly Evolving

Perhaps the biggest reason you need to stay on top of your website and SEO is that the most effective strategies in the SEO online world are constantly evolving—and if you don’t evolve with them, you may see your site tumbling down the SERPs (and out of your customers’ reach).

Let’s use keyword stuffing as an example. Back in the day, Google used to rank websites based on their keyword density. So, in other words, the more times a certain keyword was mentioned on a website, the more relevant Google would assume the website was for that keyword—and they’d rank the site accordingly.

So, in order to search engine optimize their site and improve their Google ranking, webmasters would “stuff” their desired keyword into their copy in as many places as possible.

And this worked—for awhile. But Google quickly realized that keyword density was actually completely unrelated to relevancy—and that keyword stuffing actually made a website harder for users to read, understand, and navigate. So, they changed their algorithm—and now, instead of looking at keywords to determine how relevant a website is for users (and how it should rank on the SERPs), they look at the overall quality of content on the page. And keyword stuffing? It no longer works.

Or, let’s look at link building as another example. Back in the day, Google’s attitude towards inbound links was this—the more inbound links to a page, the better the page must be. And the better the page, the higher it should rank in the SERPs. And because of this attitude, the key to getting to the top of Google was getting as many links as possible to your website.

So, in order to increase their website ranking Google, website owners went on a frenzy to drive as many inbound links as possible to their page—no matter where they came from. They got links from link directories, article submission platforms, fake and spammy websites—it didn’t matter. As long as they could generate a high volume of links, they’d rank well—and do a ton of business in the process.

Now, link building is still important today; it’s pretty much impossible to rank in Google if you don’t have high quality inbound links to your page. But the key word in that sentence is quality. Today, the kind of inbound links you have to your site matter far more than how many—and a single, high-quality link from a trusted site is worth more than 10,000 of the spammy links that would have skyrocketed you through the SERPs a decade ago.

The point is, SEO strategies are constantly changing and evolving. The strategies that were the go-to’s for SEO Google 10 years ago, five years ago—even one year ago—just don’t work anymore. Google is constantly figuring out how people may be abusing SEO online—and constantly changing their algorithm to keep up. And if you want to keep your rankings high, you need to keep up with those changes, too.

What Worked To Google Improve Ranking Yesterday Could Actually Hurt Your Ranking Today

Now, we already established that the strategies that drove SEO Google results yesterday probably wouldn’t be effective today. But staying on top of the trends goes a step further. Not only will the SEO strategies that may have worked in the past not work now—but they could actually hurt your Google ranking (and your business) today.

As mentioned, there have been a lot of SEO strategies that people abused in order to deliver a boost to their rankings. And when Google identifies one of those strategies, not only will they change the algorithm to not reward that strategy—but they’ll actually start penalizing websites that leverage that strategy.

So, for example, once Google started favoring the quality of links of the quantity of links, a new strategy emerged to rise in the rankings—and that was buying links from website’s with high PageRank in order to get an SEO boost, travel up the SERPs, and drive more traffic to your website.

And for awhile, that strategy seemed to work for a lot of people. But, like all the other “Black Hat SEO” strategies, Google quickly figured out what was going on—and established it as a clear violation of their policies and started penalizing websites that buy links as a strategy to improve their rankings in the Google results.

So, buying links may have worked as an SEO strategy in the earlier days of SEO (and, if you don’t get caught, may still work temporarily). But today, if you get caught buying links? You can rest assured that your website will plummet in the SERPs faster than you can say “So, how much for a link?”

The point is, there are certain strategies that may have been effective to improve Google rankings in the past—but some of those strategies can actually harm your rankings today. So, if you want your page to perform (and your business to thrive as a result), staying on top of SEO trends—and knowing what strategies are going to deliver results today—is an absolute must.

The Best (And Most Effective) SEO Strategies Vary For Different Industries and Different Platforms

Another reason you need to keep your finger on the pulse of SEO trends? Depending on the kind of business you have—and what platform you used to design your website—there may be different SEO trends that are going to be more and less effective.
So, for example, Shopify SEO for ecommerce websites may require a completely different SEO strategy than a food blog built on WordPress or a financial services company with a custom-developed framework. And if you just know the basics of SEO, you may not take advantage of industry or platform-specific SEO strategies that can help you rise through the search rankings and drive serious traffic to your website.

So, for example, if you were trying to boost SEO for your graphic design business website, guest posting on high-traffic design sites would be a solid SEO strategy. But if you’re trying to improve Google rankings for a local daycare center? Guest posting probably isn’t going to the best strategy—and the effort you put into writing and pitching guest posts isn’t going to deliver the SEO boost you’re looking for.

Bottom line, different industries, different website types, and different platforms (like Shopify or WordPress) all have different SEO best practices and trends—so if you want to be successful with your SEO efforts, you need to understand the best practices and trends for your particular website.

SEO Ties Into Your Overall Marketing—So If You Don’t Get The Trends Right, It Can Hurt Your Other Marketing Efforts

If you don’t stay on top of SEO trends, it can (obviously) hurt your search engine optimization. But because SEO ties into your overall marketing strategy, it can have a negative impact on more than just your Google rankings.

Think of your marketing strategy as a pie; each part of your strategy (or piece of the pie) is part of a bigger whole. So SEO, content marketing, Facebook advertising, email marketing—they all work together to help you get your business out there, drive engagement, and ultimately increase your sales. Which is great—the more you have going for your business, the better.

But on the flip side of that coin, if every part of your marketing strategy is working together to reach a common goal, then what happens if one of those parts isn’t working well? That’s right—the rest of the strategy suffers.

So, for example, if you don’t take the right approach to SEO, your website won’t rise to the top of Google. And when you don’t rank high in the SERPs, your business won’t gain visibility or gain credibility within your industry. And when you try to move forward with your other marketing strategies, that lack of visibility and credibility can come back to haunt you.

Let’s say you want to move forward with a content marketing strategy that includes guest posting on industry sites. It’s going to be extremely difficult to get traction with that strategy if those industry sites have no idea who you are. Or let’s say you want to do a big advertising push on Facebook. Facebook is a great way to gain visibility—but if your website is nowhere to be seen on Google, it may make people question how credible your brand actually is (and whether you’re a brand they want to do business with).

The point is, when it comes to marketing, nothing happens in a vacuum. Every part of your marketing strategy plays into every other part of your marketing strategy—and when one part suffers, they all suffer. So, if you don’t stay on top of SEO trends—and make sure you’re managing your SEO efforts in a way that’s going to drive results today—you can expect the rest of your marketing to take a hit, too.

How Can You Stay On Top Of SEO Trends?

So, we’ve clearly established that if you want your business to succeed, you need to stay on top of SEO and make sure your marketing strategies are leveraging the latest search engine optimisation trends—and that those trends are going to drive results for your business.
But let’s be real—that’s a lot of work! And if you’re not a marketing expert, wading through all the SEO advice out there is not only time-consuming, but considering how much of the information out there is incomplete, misleading, or inaccurate, you can actually end up doing more harm than good to your Google rankings.

So, in a nutshell, staying on top of SEO trends is crucial to your brand’s success. But staying on top of SEO trends can be time-consuming, confusing, and—if you don’t know what you’re doing—a bit of a guessing game.
So what’s a business owner to do?

SEO Services With King Kong

First things first. If you want to dramatically improve your SEO, download our free report on the 8 Critical SEO Trends you need to open up the floodgates to free traffic. These eight bulletproof strategies will completely change the way you look at SEO in 2024—and will totally change the game for your Google rankings.

And then, if you want to take things to the next level? It’s time to bring in the big guns—SEO services with King Kong.
Our team of SEO Australia experts have years of experience helping businesses improve their SEO on Google. We help our clients leverage the latest search engine optimization techniques to join the ranks of the best SEO websites in Australia—and learn how to get clients (and more of them) in the process.

Whether you need Sydney SEO, Adelaide SEO, or anything in between—we’ve got you covered. Our SEO Australian geographic areas of expertise include:

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Hiring our team of SEO Australian experts is a win-win. You get access to some of Australia’s brightest marketing minds—who will make sure your SEO strategy leverages the latest (and most successful) SEO trends in the industry. You get to see real results—and watch your website climb the SERPs and get the visibility and recognition you deserve. And the best part? You don’t have to figure things out on your own. We have the inside scoop on exactly what’s working in SEO today, how search engine optimization is evolving, and how to best leverage each strategy to get the best results. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your rankings skyrocket.
Are you ready to do SEO the right way—and see real results—in 2024? Are you ready to stop struggling with SEO—and instead, start succeeding? Are you ready to stop guessing when it comes to SEO—and, instead, start leveraging the tried-and-true strategies that are going to skyrocket your business to new levels of success? Then get in touch today.